MvC2:snapback glitch properties

Well I noticed you can get out of some serious things if you get snaped back and then Alpha Counter. You can get out of the hail storm ezly just / then if the do a hail storm you can counter to that snaped character then the hail storm will totally whiff. There are really useful ones. You should just try them:D

maybe it is just me, but i don’t know what the hell you just said. articulate a little better.

lol::lol:: ok let me explain it. If you do a snap back on a character and then you attack them and they try to Alpha Counter w/ the character that got snaped the screen will shift all the way to the respective corner. EX. Storm snaps cable out sent comes in Storm does a hail storm sent does alpha counter w/ cables button as soon as one hit of the hail storm makes contact, sentinel disappears into corner no chip damage is done. Sentinel is invisible until he comes back to his normal stance animtion.(he step forward) Hope you get it:)

that sounds lik it would be a glitch that you couldn’t do in a tourny.

**Oh I get it now. That is so insane. Is this anywhere on the screen? Or corner only? Sounds like stuff i’d like to experiment with. **

hmm anywhere it is really useful on mags cuz he wont know what the fuck happened lol you can make lots of jokes when that happens! YOUR SIG IS TOO GOOD

oh and _blitz i think your right. I dont’ know you can ask or iono i thnk your right it still would be fun though!:slight_smile:

that seems cool, not a glitch is it?
Damn magnetro+MvC2=the upcoming rising young blood :slight_smile: good job!

lol nice sig Dj-B13 :smiley: lol ok then well i found that u can do that “glitch” for certain beams although i dont think you can do it on a ahvb I’m not sure but i need someone else to help me do it on rush down lol i only have 2 hands:D


The second character has to be snapped in for it to work.

This threads from 2003 how the hell did it get here? That’s weird its something i even posted in. creepy

i’ve done this by accident once