MvC2: son son tricks

MvC2: son son again

Time to bring back this thread again.

My decent son son team

Son Son (aa)/ storn (projectile)/ doom (aa)

This is my usual tactic with this team

air dash in hp>lp>lk>lp>hp (call doom) wall run (hcb+k)> lp to stop wall run throw lp monkeis> wall run hk (wall kick)

If there are blocking all this try and reapeat it again

Often after you do a wall run into the wall kick your oppenent is blocking try c. lk>> (launch) the speed at which son son can follow up after the kick is pretty fast and catches most of guard .
then (slowly) lp>lk>lp>lk xx pole super For this to connect son son should almost be under them after the last lk
if the pole super hits one last time very high when the opponent is almost of the screen you should then be able to off the ground.

c. lk> c. hk (repeat the slow air combo) DHC hail storm
uppercut xx pole super DHC hail storm

sometime an opponent will expect the follow up after the wall kick and crouch block ahead of time in which case the wall kick will hit them
In the corner
after wall kick connects cf. hp (launch) above air combo
call doom floor crawl
this kinda of fast and if doom catches them do uppercut xx pole super.

honestly, doing all the OTG and pole supers don’t do alot of damage so i suggest cancelling into storm when possible instead of multiple pole supers in one combo.

son son takes damage like a little girl ( a little monkey girl) so see if her tricks are a success or not.
if not just bulid meter and cancel into hail storm when the moment shows itself.
a good way to make a moment is to sj air dash forward pole super DHC hail storm. people willl try to counter attack because they believe you wiffed the super but hail storm will rape them

you can cancel an air lightiing storn into pow super or an air photon shot super into pow with moderate success

her wall run can be used to get in-n-out very quickly

this team can be effective just because people are not used to playing againts son son.

please add to this thread. more people play felicia than son son and i think that just isn’t right