MVC2 SOV@ AMF Weekly 8/24

Okay small tourney but alot of fun. We had some free pizza (well not free for me :wink: ) and some good times…bowling as well was great. Met Stridoom (Josiah) for the first time today, cool guy…
well on with the full results…

1st Matt “Foomyjin” (Storm/Sent/Cyke - Storm/Cable/Cyke - Blackheart/Cable/Cyke)

2nd Trent “Syberninja” (Storm/Sent/Cyke - Cable/Storm/Cyke - Spiral/Cable/Sent - Strider/Cable/Doom)

3rd Luke “Nimh” (Magneto/Cable/Tron - Cable/Sent/Tron - Blackheart/Sent/Tron)

4th Airrick “HyperViperSniper” (Spiral/Cable/Blackheart- Cable/Storm/Cyke)

Tie Spots

5th Smitty “Papiblanco” (Magneto/Storm/Psylocke - Magneto/Cable/Psylocke)
5th Mike “MikeTheGreat1” (Cable/Sent/Iceman)

7th Josiah “Stridoom” (Strider/Doom/Jin - Strider/Doom/Ken)
7th James “CrippCripp” (Doom/Storm/Cammy)

9th Jared “NoSRKname” (Spiral/Sent/Capcom)

Those are the results…it was alot of fun guys…

I have some questions and stuff that I will address to the locals in our area thread…but for everyone else…these are the players and their teams…



bowling?! id own all you fools for free…no jokez

had fun as always

i enjoy it there and nice to have people coming out to the bowling alleey to bowl as well as play marvel…indeed that was fun…maybe next time i can keep up! :slight_smile:

um…bigken where do you and whats your avg?

your welcome to come bowl me anytime :slight_smile:

Good to see that everyone had a good time. I wish I could have been there. If the tournies are going to be in the afternoon I am going to try and see if I can work in the mornings. Congrats to Foomy on the win. Majin Cable will try and make the next tourny.

  • Majin Cable

hahaha im in jersey im 17 and its 211 :stuck_out_tongue:

cool deal whenever there is a major up there or one in VA (YEAH RIGHT! LOL) you should come down and bowl…we can bowl for money :slight_smile:

(not alot of money LMAO just alittle bit)

lol wats ur average, i used to bowl in the JBT tournaments. Dunno if they had them down in VA?! But I do know there were all around here and still are.

i carry a 185 but it was higher i have just fell off the wagon for the past few weeks ugh

but still willing to bowl winever!
maybe play some games as well LOL
if i can’t beat you in bowling i know i could in marvel at least LOL :slight_smile:

nope…u wont beat me in marvel…lol ask around ny nj…yea…u def wont…lol =)

lol we can play marvel as well
Bowling doesn’t matter to me all in good fun

i will meet you in the brackets some where LMAO

then we will see :evil:

EDIT gametime is holding a tournament sept 7th and NYC is known for showing up…maybe you can catch a ride?

you are talking alot of shit for someone that hasnt seen us play…

We had a guy here that place top 30 in EVOL…how did you do?:rolleyes:


lol I wouldnt waste my money flying to cali to play games, but yea…hmm maybe I will catch a ride with nyc…lol its not talking shit AND was i talking to you HVS?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO stay out it fool haha just messin around wit syberninja lol

for the record there is a system on here called PMs…when you post something in a public forum its open game for anyone…

and its not like we dont play against NYC people @ least once a month…



Big Ken you play at 8 on the break. Where in jersey you from? I am from jersey as well and just moved down to VA like a year ago. You talk a alot of mess and own us all in MvC 2. I doubt that lol.



bigken owns, wait till u see him play

i ask myself that same question when he plays them…he gets wins but your guess is as good as mine LOL

If it seems to work go with it.



I want to see Big Ken play…