MvC2: Spiderman Thread



Yeah, I know spiderman blows big nuts. But what the hell. Since i found a place with a marvel machine that still has Psy locked, I decided i play around with MSS: Magz/Storm/Spiderman (AAA). Wasn’t bad. So post shite and whatever about him.


just throw out web balls everywhere til ya hit :stuck_out_tongue:


Use his air dash as a ghetto tri-jump mechanism, at the bottom of the dash either drop out of it with either a fp or a rh, try to mix it up. Everytime you land an air combo, try to cross them up real quick and land on the other side of them and immediately land another air combo. Mix up the endings to his air combos as well, sometimes end with just a fp and other times end with a throw or a web swing.


Spidey’s air dash sucks…he can get Hailstormed out of it so easily.


jumping fierce knocks them straight down. Finish an aircombo with jumping fierce to confuse the opponent when landing. left or right side, and to be safe, crouch hit and launch again.


launch 1234 web ball XX throw
OR launch 1234 web ball, another AC if they try to tech hit

short short launch XX spider sting XX maximum spider.

web throws are funny, so is the web throw super.

if you DHC into maximum spider, he’ll go through stuff. (dhalsim does yoga strike, Cable AHVBs, dhalsim DHCs into spiderman maximum spider, Cable gets pinballed)


…you can cancel the Spider-Sting into a Maximum Spider? Thems crazys talks!


One of my favorite combos: jump in fierce or roundhouse->dash in deep->st.short->st.roundhouse->fierce spider sting->maximum spider

Simple, effective, damaging. Finish with the second part of the spider sting for good damage if you don’t want to use a super meter. A true bread and butter combo and a must for any spiderman player. The stun on spidey’s fierces and roundhouses gives you plenty of time to land and dash-in for the combo. Watch out though cause his air forward kick has very little stun. This combo works much, much better than his cr.short->cr.strong->cr.roundhouse->clawer assault because you can roll out of the sweep.

Here is a really nice air combo: jump in fierce or roundhouse->cr.short->cr.forward->st.roundhouse->superjump->j.jab->j.strong->j.forward->jab web ball->j.jab->j.short->j.forward->short web swing

I skip the j.short after the superjump to get more damage because of the damage reduction Capcom put in this game. Do the combo fast and time the jab the moment you recover from the jab web ball. Do not rush the second part of the air combo. In other words, wait until the j.forward connects before you do the web swing. If you do it too early, the j.forward will never come out and you will miss the finisher.

Never under-estimate(or over-estimate)Spidey’s ground jab wab balls. Sure, his air web balls do more damage that his ground version, but ground jab web balls are fast and stops dash-ins pretty well. It also traps the opponent long enough to throw out another one if he tries to dash in again, or to give you the advantage to go on the offence. Of course, never throw out web balls at a screen’s length from a Cable with three supers charged unless you want to die. Use it wisely to your advantage.

Spiderman’s air dash does not suck. Deus’ advice is good. Spider does much better with an option of air dashing that without. Think of Sentinal’s fly more. Just because you can get nailed out of it with a Cable AA assist does not mean that you stop using it altogether. Spidey should not air-dash without caution but using it in the right opportunity won’t kill you.


yeah my friend was playing me and he was using spydrmn and he was trying to rush me down and since sm is kinda slow I did mags forcefield w/ hk and boom … :one spider flying cross the screen oh that was the last move he did since we were by the corner and well I was Mag so no need for explination. and well to be honest just use sm if your really sure you can beat your foe unless your like sm sent and storm or cap com hahahahehe


Hold up friend. I could never get the jab in after the air web ball in the combo. I always settle for just throwing them. How do you pull off the jab that quick? Is there a little trick to it or am I just retarded?


Basic Spidey combo:

dash in, c. lk, c. mk, s. hk, super jump, sj. lp, sj. lk, sj. mp, sj. mk xx Web Swing I think.

I you can tack in a Maximum Spider then better. Mastering Spidey’s combo is the key to mastering him.


Hmm…I used to be unable to connect a jab after the wab ball but now I get it 90% of the time:)

Try starting your air combo early which means that you time the jab at the opponent’s legs or crotch:D . Hold up/forward while doing the combo real fast and then make sure you jab IMMEDIATELY after you recover from the web ball. It takes timing and practice so don’t panic. Stay cool and don’t start mashing the jab…it doesn’t work.

Good luck!

P.S. A well played Spidey with good assist stands a chance against magneto.


It is important to mix up your air combo finisher. Finishing with a web swing does inflict more damage than ending with a fierce but you can pressure the opponent better if you end an air combo with the web swing. Use web swing if to kill the opponent and fierce if you want to try to open him/her up for another combo. Web ball into throw is probably the most damaging option but people will learn to tech hit. The air combo I posted (omitting the j.short) does very good damage and builds up nice meter.

In my opinion, mastering spidey’s combos is only the beginning of mastering him. Unlike what some people think, you cannot master spidey in two hours. You must be able to pull off his combos and combo into his maximum spider in order to do decent damage but to actually land hits on a well-played top tier can be VERY challenging. What’s the use of learning combos, if you don’t even have the chance to start them?


Whoo. Sounds interesting. I’m going to go pick up Spidey again next time I go. My team of Spidey/Venom/Shuma gets raped everytime…but it’s all good man.

Exactly what are all the ways to link in the Maximum Spider?


Carpet Lint, you rock! I was planning to make a team of Spiderman/Venom/??? myself. Don’t like playing top tiers.

Which assists do you use? I prefer the spider sting assist for spiderman bacause it sets up combos/supers, counters air opponent, comes out fast, and excellent for switch-out counters(whatever you call it). I really like the venom fang assist for venom because it stops rushdown like crazy(and it hurts…alot).

You can link a maximum spider from a fierce web ball, an assist, or a spider sting(preferable the fierce version so they can’t roll out of it). You can also easily DHC into it. If you land before the opponent after a maximum spider, try adding in a few extra hits with a puny OTG combo.

You can also combo the ultimate web throw super in the corner off a spider sting. Very flashy. Do not try to link a ultimate web throw after a fierce web ball, cause it does not work.

Learn to dash in deep after a jump-in and combo with standing lk, standing hk, fierce spider sting, maximum spider. I can’t tell you how useful it is. It changed the flow of the match it my favor many times.

Do not use Venom Web unless you are sure that it will connect. Use the Venom Bite super instead because there are many ways which you can combo into it and it does chip damage and punish assists.


When u do spidey air combos try not to do all five hits so u can end up on whatever side u want for better cross ups. so more like sj.lp sj.hp and hold whatever direction u want for the side u want to land on. U must learn to cross over after that aircombo cuz it will help a lot. Also on the way down after the air combo u can hit them so some ppl might get caught blocking down and u hit them anyway. Dont become to repetitive try to always change the side u land on and when u start hitting ur opponent. Ahhhh i remember the good ol days when i used to rule wit spidey/guile/ and akuma hahaha but now its all about MAGNUS!!!


Dude, back in MSHvsSF it was like Spidey, Chun-Li, Morrigan, Strider, and Wolvie. Pick any two and win. Now they’ve all been neutered.


Uh…Strider and Morrigan weren’t in that game.

Megatron rocks.


That was Marvel vs Capcom 1:(


You mean MvC1. And Spidey and Morrigan sucked in that game, and Chun-Li wasn’t top tier.

But if you really like Morrigan, Lilith is like a hundred times better in MvC1. (Well, not really, but she is better.)