MvC2 Sprite Thread



the title explains it all…
anything dealing with MvC2 Sprites…
requests, color edits, rips, etc…

^i didn’t edit these…
my sprite rips and color edits will be up soon…

honkey edit:

i want to change the yellow but i’m not sure what color to change it too… any sugguestions? or is it fine as is?


so is this suppose to be a “rip-your-own-sprite-then-post-it” thread or are we suppose to just submit sprites that we’ve found? 0_o


hm, ill also try to get some of my edits in, though they arent that good


either or…
ppl can request for color edits/sprite rips…
it’s basically free for anything dealing with mvc2 sprites… and rare artwork that anyone stumbles across…


In that case can i get a blue juggernaut same blue as tron’s fierce punch color and that tron and dr.doom with the same blue


Thanks for pming me about this thread. I might try to do my own sprite rip.


i guess we might as well make some rules about requests… for some reason i didn’t see this coming…

if someone throws a request out there, please let it be known that you’ll do the edit… and also if you want something edited please find the sprite if it’s not already in this thread… what if i edit a sprite pose you don’t like… a big waste of my/someone else’s time…
please don’t spam requests either… if someone wants to do it, that someone will…


No problem man sorrey I should Have actulley taken some of that into mind when I posted well here are the sprites I want edited I just want still no animations


Id like to see one with Cap Com doing his Captain Corridor. I have an idea for an av.:wgrin:


Great idea for a thread…I’ll have to see what I’ve got in the ol’ data base.


some edits i did for some avs:


So rip requests can go here? If so, I have one…

Could someone please do rips of each of Felicia’s MvC2 palettes for me? If so, I’d greatly appreciate it. I’ve got all of her CPS2 palletes ripped and saved already, but I’m a n00b at DC and PS2 emulation. Just a simple standing sprite of each palette, like what’s seen here would be great…

Also, the ball/balloon that appears during her Cat Spike move (DP+P) seems to change color with each palette if Vampire Savior is any indication, so one ball sprite for each palette would be nice, too (hopefully labeled or included with the Felicia sprites in such a way that I know which goes with which… ^^;).

Thanks! :slight_smile:


this isn’t even from marvel


it’s great though! :slight_smile:


I’ve never tried my hand at sprite editing, but this thread mkaes me want to start; thanks for the PM, JQ:tup:




**OH!!! I have a KILLER IDEA for this sprite!! **
**I’m thinking a re-enactment of when Roy or was it seigfried? got mauled!!! Hopefully I can get someone up for the challenge!!:sweat: **


F*'ing beautiful…
you just made me pre-nut in my girlfriend…
she’s now pregnant and it’s all your fault…
i hope you’re happy… :annoy:


if you can give me the color palette, i’ll do it…
i don’t have a copy of marvel right now…

american juggs


anybody have any rogue sprites?