MvC2 sprites! Where?

is there any? if so, where? can someone help me?

id like to se all the colors of each sprite specificly for iron man, spiral and sentinel… arent there 6 colors each for every character in mvc2? thanks /lou…

When requesting sprites, always, ALWAYS check

Your rep is about to take a crash into the red zone.

Not from me, but from others.

MvC2 sprites rips can be found almost anywhere.

You heard of teh interwebz?


stop being a dick

@ louie:

They’re not sprites, but you can see all the colors for each character here:

Yup, that’s what I was going suggest.:angel:

actually BIGWORM and StuartHayden, i have google like the rest of us plus fightersgeneration on favorites so. Thanks a BUNCH Master Chibi ! :lovin: excatly what i were asking for from the beginning ;>

How is he being a dick?

“Use the search function” is an automated answer on this forum. Plus there is a sticky for art resources.

Just sayin’…

There’s a sticky for this.