MvC2: Stay away from charge characters?

I recently bought MvC2 on XBLA, and it’s a lot of fun, though I’m still struggling to find a team to “stick with” (xxx/Cammy/Tron is fun, I like cammy’s AAA and Tron’s proj assist a lot).

That said, in reading some forums and hearing thoughts and opinions, it seems like charge characters are pretty bad in this game. One guy said “guile and maybe jin are the best charge characters, but they still suck so just pick someone else”.

Why are charge characters “so bad” in this game? From the Guiles I’ve played against, he has some good combos and his AAA is very good. Chun is also a decent AAA, and has some nice ground combos out of her sweep. I’ve even seen some ridiculous Shuma-Gorath 100% CD combos/setups, but people say Shuma is the worst character in the game (aside from Roll/Servbot/Dan of course).

Are there any top-tier (or viable at all) charge characters? I’ve read tier lists from a bunch of different sites but it’s probably better to listen to the players.

Tier lists are not the be-all, end-all definitive truth - but it’s a good indication of the general consensus.

So charge characters do suck…that’s a bummer, they seem so much fun. Guess it’s pointless if it’s so hard to win with them lol

That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with some good old low tier matches.

Not really, Guile and Charlie are pretty legit…

You gotta remember that the series is an outgrowth of X Men-Children of the Atom. (I don’t think it uses the same engine, but Marvel Super Heroes, and then the Vs series is definitely the spiritual successor - several of the characters in MvC2 that hadn’t been in the Vs series until then use their sprites from CotA) So it makes sense - if not fair - that it’s the Marvel Characters that are overpowered. All of God and Top tiers are from “the right side of the screen” - and there are few (any? I don’t play it that often) charge characters on that side.

edit: alright, I’ve since been made aware that Jin and Shuma-Gorath are charge characters. Jin I know some people who like Jin - Shuma is pretty much bottom tier.

Charge characters are pretty bad, but it’s not because they’re charge characters (though I suppose charge motions do not lend themselves to wavedashing). They have other shortcomings that cause them to not be as high on the tier list.

There aren’t any top-tier charge characters. They can still be viable in the right team (using Guile in place of Psylocke, for example), but most would say you’d just be handicapping yourself. In low-tier play, go nuts, charge characters do pretty well (well… not Shuma).

I never got very good or awesome at MVC2, but Jin never leaves the last spot in my team…


Charge characters can be a good point or assist like Jin or Guile (I think Hulk is the best but Jin and BBHood are good too). Charge character can be difficult to manuever than Storm or Magnus, but they are fun.

Top tier charge characters are Cyclops and Strider Hiryu, and they are both functional in that team (Cammy should be first though if Cyclops is in it). Cyclops has better charge moves than Strider IMO. Striders charge moves have good use though. They have zoning capabilities, but are slow. Cyclops’ charge moves are used as a rush down move. I like Cyclops/Tron, but Strider/Tron rapes hard. But for these two characters, I would rather use directional inputs. Here’s a list of charge characters.

Charge character points
Jin (One of the best)
Hulk (The best IMO. Can cancel any hyper from Gamma Charge)
BBHood (One of the best)
Shuma (IMO he isn’t that bad. he gives out damage and has decent combos. He is still the worst charge character.)
Bison (only two charge moves, but useful)

Charge characters in marvel are not to be overlooked. Whoever says that doesn’t play Marvel (or at least doesn’t play charge characters that well).

Yeah, I’ve accepted that the Marvel characters are easily the most powerful characters in the game. I wonder if Capcom knew who would suck while they were developing the game…

Pointless? No way man, There is a lot of fun to be had in tlow tier matches and even in Top tier matches, you have to respect Guile’s AA.

For my money, low tier is the most fun way to play this game, especially ten years later.

Marvel wasn’t built for charge characters, they don’t work that great in that type of play style.
How many marvel characters are charge characters? Almost none.
Charge character in marvel are for the most part capcom characters imported from an engine when charge characters were more powerful and useful.
Guile in a game with no super jump screen or airblock is much more dangerous than guile in a game with a super jump, airblock and full screen beam attacks, and one button projectiles.
Its not just charge character though, whenever characters from two different engines get mashed together the character who were built to play on that engine almost always come out on top.

BTW guile is still fun, he just plays more like a rushdown/combo character than a charge character in MVC2.

Charlie, guile bison and bbhood are far and away the best characters overall that use charge moves. A matter of opinion but they do have good hitboxes/recovery, decent mobility(hood is the only one who cant really move and she just shoots shit to make up for it) and great specials. Jin and hulk are in my opinion much worse off than these other characters. Jin has absolutely no low ground attacks to open u up with.Jin’s special moves and assists are good though and just like hulk he can really hurt you on hit.
Shuma is a wierd character, he has aimable fp in the air like ironman, his air lp is a great hitbox, he has double action in the air with jumping lk, and then u wait and can do another move from regular jump. Its also nice that shuma can do chaos dimension and grab you while you are in blockstun(only character in game that i know of who can do this on their own)

every character has *something that makes them playable, up to you to utilize it.

that’s really good advice, thanks :slight_smile: I’ll fool around and see who I have fun with

Um, Jin can combo into Saotome Dynamite and Bloodia Punch off his sweep. You can also use it to bait opponents on block if you do it late. Hulk can also bait with his Gamma Charge xx Gamma Crush combo if you perform the Gamma Crush late.

fully aware of that rollable slow to animate

he is completely held back by this. no real pressure.

charlie ftw, he can rush like a muah fu*ah


speaking of, here is a pretty good charlie ken/char/tB0 team

appearently my entire team is low tier

None of these are " low ground attacks to open u up with"