MvC2: Stay away from charge characters?

I saw that and decided to let mixup answer since it was his post and hes way better at MVC2 than me, but yeah Jin’s slide isn’t anything to be proud of, you can roll it and the follow options aren’t that great at all.
Guile is better than Jin because hes more mobile and he has an air charge move that gives him some mixup options and spacial control in the super jump screen. Jin is slow and very straightforward.

I honestly can’t remember the last time i saw someone get baited by hulk, it was probably around 2002 though.

Charge character are not that bad in this game IMO, my main team is AA guile, Dash Hulk and AA Charlie. i do pretty decent.

Well not the hulk one. That was a reponse to Mixup saying Hulk in general was only damaging on hit, but I was really refering to online play with the Gamma Charge xx Crush bait. It seems to work well there.

For Jin I was thinking of cr. lk, slide, dynamite/super as a decent low combo, but after checking it out a bit on my Xbox, his low kick isn’t that fast, and it doesn’t combo into slide if the opponent is too far away. Guess I was wrong on both accounts.

I still pick bum ass jin sometimes though, his jumping normals have good priority and he has a good grab range on his airthrow. Also jumping lp, will hit on the way up, this is good for a quick overhead + assist if u can somehow get them to crouch. So a setup right next to opponent, call assist jump lp(this hits them crouching) then falling fp(you can do another attack after since the first one hit)

nothing amazing but if you do that with tron, then land lp,mpXXtyhpoon super = ugh!

I have a couple of friends who are also pretty damn good with hulk and I will say that he is definetly playable(his 2 hit armor is nice, airthrow into combos are some of the best in the game, good jumping attack speed and hitboxes as well)

If he had a better dash and didnt rely on meter for his basic play, i would say that hes one of the better char, hes pretty decent w bar as is.

Hopefully these points help out somehow.

This. But Jin’s S.jab is broke as hell. It beats or ties with all but Magnus. Its like 2 frames (I know this because I tie with blackheart’s Cr. lk). So he has a good ground move, but you are pretty much right with everything else.

My two cents.

I didnt know that move was so good! I also like jins s.fp+ good assistXXtyhpoon. good priority.

first of all, that tier list is wacked out. It looks very old. As mixup said, the better charge characters are some of the best low tiers. Charlie as an example has some very technical shit going on for him and he can break you in 1 hit on the right teams.

mvc2 is a team game so team dynamics are extremely vital. If you can identify your characters trouble areas, you can pick corresponding assists to be stronger in those areas. In most cases, people usually just pick a bad team and their character never really has a chance to be used properly. Having a good team can really show you the light for your character.

I just wanna say…Chun-Li freakin’ sucks in MvC2. It makes me sad. I liked her in X-Men vs. Street Fighter though.

though chun has some issues on the next gen consoles, she’s REALLY good IMO. Maxed out as a character, probably top 15. chun ron can rape for basic FS mixup. 2 frame low, 1 frame high. This is a dice roll for blocking basically.


she has 1 hit kill potential. Its just that it will take some work to master her game plan.

side note about chun: chun’s jump dwn+rh is god like for several reasons.

  • 1frame instant overhead
  • hits unblockable during mvc2 frame skip cycle.
  • if you approach this move from below, you will more than likely lose with any normal from any character. The priority when you’re above the opponent is flat out bonkers.
  • the damn thing recovers like lightning. You can do this move while running away. A triple jump maxed out with dwn+rh’s will build 1 bar.

say chun gets a random KD and shes dashing in. She can do call tron, jupfwd dwn+rh instnat overhead. First of all, opponent can’t call a helper or jump. It will keep them pinned. If they block low, they’re not gonna react to the 1frame high. It will randomly hit unblockable. Safe on block and leads into a mixup with tron or other helpers. You can basically chunk out this move and it will give you BS or a mixup into BS.

This thread is getting awesome.

amazing video shoultzula, never seen anyone play Chun like that before! I didn’t know she had a 1 frame IOH, that’s sick

The top tier portion of mvc2 has been steadily been cracked for 10 years. A majority of the people who play this game run top tier so its only natural. The low tier portion of this game is still pretty new. I’ve learned that a lot of characters have enormous room to grow. That infinite was actually found by a Brazilian player. Mahvel is world wide!

That video is old now, probably by a few years I think. Chun has improved a little since then.

I’ve never considered Strider a charge character. That little explosion projectile is just a liability, and the WW2 bomb is only a necessity against Cable.

Yeah but thats one of the purposes of this forum, this stuff isn’t new there was a whole thread full of Chun li tricks an the instant overhead 5 or 6 years ago that probably isn’t available on the forums anymore. A bunch of us remember that stuff but if you weren’t here 5,7, 9 years ago then of course you don’t remember it.
Anyone else remember in 02 or 03 when the japanese were claiming dhalsim was top tier, it turned out he wasn’t but those vids opened up all types of new insight into his game in MVC2 and showed he was definitely underrated in the US. People who just started playing MVC2 probably have no idea what i’m talking about but thats one of the reasons that there is a newbie forum.

Yo…why is it that every time I say that a character sucks, they always end up having an infinite, lol. Thanks for the video, I might practice some of these things now.

Almost every character in MVC2 has some type of infinite…

Yeah I use that too with Sentinel or Doom. I love this guy. Jin’s a boss lol. Jin can beat top tier characters 1 on 1, but he lacks a rush down against runaways (Cable, Storm, Cyclops, etc.). I think thats the only reason he is rated so low. I don’t know a good assist that can help him with this (Blackheart maybe).

Totally agree. I have only played a year of marvel and I definately see this. With all characters (except Roll. Roll is terrible lol).

Yeah. i considered him a charge because he uses charge moves. I only use them when I have an outstanding lead and I’m screwing around lol.

yes, lets compare totally useless infinites to practical ones that can be done in multiple spots. Like jin has an infinite that only works in the corner and you have to keep mashing taunt, its an infinite!!! it doesn’t mean that its any good. Chuns infinite can be performed from multiple spots with random unblockables for resets.

Striders bombXX orbs is probably the best overall charge moveXXsuper move in the game. I wasnt really including strider and cyc in my comments since they are top tier characters.

Dhalsim at this point imo has the most room to grow as a character.

one basic example that you *dont see people doing yet:

both people sjing but half screen away, dhalsim does far counter hit lk, then airdash in to close the distance and gain access to your close normals, then close lp, then you do his d.fp mummy drill to gain access to your helper at sj height, then u call cyclops assist, then u do his drill, airdash to the spot where cyc will hit and you cancel into super.
Its one of the basic combos on magnetro sim dvd and you can set it up from that far counter hit lk. Its not an easy combo and its not easy to counter hit with the lk. Sim has one hit kill combos, rediculous combo potential from anywhere on the screen, we simply cant control that guy yet. end rant/

i heard logan wuz good 2