MVC2: Storm/Sent/Cyclops


I like this team alot I feel this is the best team on the game. Even though Capcom assist may be a little better than Cyke’s, Cyke is a better overall character giving the team a hellava amount of balance. Who ever wants to put in with their opinoins may do so, who do you feel is the best team. And who knows some killers combos with Sent/Cyke?


A team combo that does hella damage and easy to do is:

Team order: Storm/Sent/Cyke,, xxx sj. a/d d/f lk,, xxx lightning attack xxx lightning storm DHC HSF dash over,, xxx fly, sj.hp + Cyke assist rocket punch down

If you are very precise you can bounce the opponent off the optic blast cyke does at the end of the gene splice you can land another rocket punch for a complete 100% combo.

I hope this helps you.


Thanks alot man never thought of that one


most of the info for Sent and Cyc is in the sent thread but im not sure about Storm and cyc…

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