MvC2: Storm/Sentinel/CapCom combos and strats

I’m just wondering if anyone know special combos with this team. I know a couple of the basic ones but that’s about it.

Also, if your team was storm/sentinel/capcom how would you fight against these teams?


Any help is cool

That team has limitless possibilities. All you have to learn is Sentinels fly combo. 40 percent if you can do it!

This team is hard to play, so you have to get good at flying with sentinel and get really offensive. Dont abuse your assists, only send them out if you are sure they will hit or you are baiting the opponent.
STORM: use random lightning attacks, and if it hits do a second one that connects into a lightning storm. Use SJ fierces to build lots of meter.

SENTINEL: Again, get used to flying and unflying. Learn how to do fast stomping and the fly combo that connects to CapCom`s AAA.

CapCom: He is really the last line of defense. Basic combos is all hes got. Try pressuring tactics like crouching fierces into QCF lk. that little guy who drops in and slices down. It does chip damage and pushes your opponent toward the wall. I fsomeone snapbacks your CapCom out into the open, try to build two supers and DHC out.

I hope this helps


i use this team as a counter to mag/storm/aaa. i usually call sent drones and use it to rush down or if his mag is rushing down. if they’re not careful, they’ll run into the drones and you can launch into an AC. you just have to remember to block.

For this team, you have Storm on point which is good enough for any team.

I usually use Sentinel’s assist to help rush with Storm, trying to cross up the opponent by getting drones on one side and Storm on the other.

Sentinel’s assist and CapCom’s assist will help prevent you from getting rushed as well.

With Storm, learn to combo with CapCom’s assist; it’s too hard to incorporate Sentinel assist into a Storm combo (the drones come out slow and they fall down towards the end).

Your main power-move for Storm is the DHC combo with Sentinel (if you dont’ know, launch, blah blah, Lightning Attack, Lightning Storm, HSF).

For Strider/Doom, just play Storm. Most Strider/Doom players will know better than to take on Storm with the usual tactics, though.

Against Magneto/Storms, try playing Sentinel on point. He’s big, but his super armor makes it somewhat harder for your opponent to get you into a combo.

Storm should be able to counter the Cable.

Against Sentinel, either Storm or Sentinel can be your point, and CapCom will help a LOT when fighting another Sentinel.

Here’s my bread and butter kill combo for this team…

Storm, tringle jump+hp, \ /, dash, s.lp+sent rocket punch,,s.hp (rocket punch hits),, / , hp, air dash d/f, lk,mk, lightning attack, lightning attack, xx, lightning storm, DHC to HSF, dash,, / , lk,xx,fly, lk,hp, qcf+pp(misses… used for instant DHC)), DHC to captain storm, right after the last hit of captain storm connects… DHC to hailstorm.


with storm + capcom assist.

c lk, c lk. OTG s hk + capcom assist xx hailstorm. good damage, but its rollable.

you can just do something like triangle lk, cr. lp, lk, mp, hk launcher, call commando, hail. not rollable and the hail combos.

this is pretty tight with flying screens.

with sentinel point- HK, then storm assist (ground typhoon), jab, short, fierce, flying screens is activated, when sentinel lands dash forward standing HK, then do any aircombo.

its a dope combo rounds 81 points of damage! not bad considering no supers


fuck that

i made the Flying screen combo up… lol

naw… i am sure many peeps came up w/ it.

but i just dash in and do cr FP, RP, HSF… does like 100 pts of damage… 1 super… thats almost as tight as them rowtron combos.


Nismor… where is the face that goes w/ them nice ass titties?

Why would you want to do that when you could just launch + Commando xx Hailstorm?

Ok, thanks for the help so far but what about combos with sentinel on point and capcom assist. I know about the flying. lk,lk+Capcom, Fly, lk,lk,upwards RP. But are there any others that combo in with sentinels standing RH+Capcom assist at the same time?

Well heres a easy combo wit sent and CapCom Hk, call out capcom, sj Hp, Lp rocket punch.
another easy combo wit storm and Capcom is hk,call out capcom, lighting attack up once or twice (doesnt matter), lighting super. or u can hk, call capcom, sj Hk lighting attack up, super

i saw a combo that kuan did wit storm and sent but i cant seem to get it i think its hk, call sent, hk, DF, lk,lk sent hits, lighting attack up, super

I haven’t seen anyone do this one yet, but in corner with storm on point:

launch, call sent drones, airdash d/f,, drones hit, land, launch (c.fierce works best),,, lightning attack xx lightning storm DHC sent, launch blah blah blah.

does good damage, especially since you get a bunch of Roundhouses/fierces early. Should outright kill most characters.

try this one, launch wit sent, sj.lp,sj.lp, fly, sj. lk, RP, call assist,, FP, asist hits, DP RP.
do tha DP RP right after FP. yes this works, tricky timing though, latez

Assist with Storm projectile, hp throw, (assist hits), dash,, / , lp,lk,mp,mk,xx,fly, tap up, lk,mk,dp+p

From the odd range offa that throw into assist, just rocket punch,xx,HSF that shit!

Also,, / , lk,xx,fly, call capcom, hp airthrow, assist hits, qcf+pp, xx, DHC to hailstorm.


anyone post wavedash twice after hsf,c.lp then launch into air combo?

that makes for pretty good wake-up games with sentinel when they have to guess which way to block{high/low} when they roll cuz they don’t want to get launched after the hsf:p

OK im definitely not a newbit to MvsC2 but im a newbie to Sentinel. i know this is a forum for sent/captain/storm, but i want to know where i can find some good strats for sentinel. any help would be appreciated.

quiet, you.

I think I found a good guard break with Sent. I don’t know if it’s been posted or whatnot, but I promise you, I’ve found this on my own. Once the opponent dies and another one’s coming in, you fly, go about 1/4 of a screen to the edge of where the other guy’s gonna jump in from, fp, then when the guy blocks and falls, lp rocket punch. It’s worked for me quite often, but I always thought the human opponent (or the comp) just forgets to block the rocket punch. It’s not as effective as other guard breaks, where you get a free AHVB, an air combo, or whatev, but it’s still cool.