MvC2 Stream at FR

For anyone that wants to watch some real mahvel,

Thanks Eric!


LOL he’s there right now

justin, chunksta, josh360 and others gonna be there after they grab something to eat

Them Chewbacca sounds

chunksta vs josh360 MM about to go down

josh360 vs neo possibly happening

MM about to begin

Dis select screen music

silent hype shhh

As much as I love this game, this doesn’t go here. Should I move it to MvC2 or the Video Gallery?

Who put the MvC2 stream together? I’d like to thank the top boss here for their efforts.

Doesn’t matter. Event’s over. Could be closed if anything.

Put together by the people here at , you’re in the FB group too because I remember you commenting there. Group of online guys went out and put this on. Improbable in most peoples eyes but it happened

Retweet it

No twitch archive? I hope it makes it to Youtube at least.

I replied to that tweet and im getting some great responses lmao. Justin said he’s down and Sanford said those 2 dont want none hahahaha

i dont want to get my hopes up for nothing

Niggas ain’t ready for nickguy cable tho.

Is the footage going to be posted on YouTube? I wasn’t able to tune in during the weekend.

I stopped through for a few…I assumed PS3 was good enough for Marvel by now, so I had no DC pad to play with.

its not though