MvC2: Strider/Doom thread

Since every damn post is almost lost, I figure why not start a Strider/Doom thread to get stuff going.

So post some tricks and techniques you developed or use

How do most people start the trap? What would be the best setup to start the trap? Are there any better than what I do now?

I currently try to start the trap when the opponent is grounded by throwing a tiger/bird XX Ouros, trap… Or wait for the opponent to come down from a superjump, drop Doom, dash to the other side and Ouros…

Is there any better way?

i just start the trap off anything that gets characters in block stun or anything that hits them. Or against cable, anytime he superjumps.

I use ta think that the s,d trap was total crap, i now think that its pretty good, as i have experimented with it some myself. Granted i still won’t say its that good, but i would still like to learn alot more about it. So good thread.:smiley:

One of the best ways i heard to start it is with launching his screen length bomb drop, then do the dog, then start the drop, this may not be exactly correct, i just remember hearing this, so if someone would clarify that would be great.


in the top tier, i find the bombxxOuro to be really effective only against cable. Granted, it works against some other characters, but then you’re better off using the eaglexxOuro.

Strider/Doom n00b here with a few questions.

  1. How do you do the Strider/Doom trap?

  2. Is Strider’s strongest aircombo launch, sj. short, sj. forward, QCF + jab?

  3. When you execute Ouroboros, WHEN do you call Doom?

If Magneto’s rushing you down, you can Short Bomb XX Orbs. A lot of the times he’ll run into it, and it does solid damage.

I said it a while ago, but I think to play Strider/Doom effectively these days, you can’t expect to keep your opponent locked down through multiple rounds of the trap (unless they’re Sentinel). Play, instead, a hit-and-run type trap if they’re trying to get away - avoid wasting meters whenever possible. Strider/Doom trap is not a lockdown, so if you go from Orbs, to Doom, to Orbs again, you’re probably gonna waste a meter.

Oh, I always start the match with a c.LP, c.LK + Doom XX Bird / Dog / Bomb XX Orbs. Strider’s c.LP comes out faster than any other light I can think of, so he gets a free trap right off the bat. Just make sure you’re timing is good… Mis-timing versus anyone else who’s c.LKing you… Ouch Strider.

Yeah, can someone go into detail on how to perform the strider doom trap? I only vaguely know that its something like ouroboro, doom rocks, tiger, ouroboro, repete. (most likely not in that order) When i try this with scrubs it works well, but with more advanced players i get my ass handed to me because i cant keep them completely trapped in one place for long.

  1. There are a lot of ways to do the trap. You are mainly trying to get them to block Dooms rocks and minimizing their chance of escape by the use of his blocked ground magic series, Ouroborus, birds, tigers, bombs and teleports.

  2. I dont know is that it, but the only 3 air combo i use for him are 1234 and end with either hp then hk if theres a chance, lp excalibur, or a throw

  3. Call Doom when its about to end, and/or execute it with the Ouroborus at the same time.

I love S/D, but I know my traps are far from perfect… anyway, I start by jumping in lk+Doom,fwd,fierce just to get them on the ground and blocking, then orb them.

As for the trap, I find myself teleporting ALOT just because I sometimes get frustrated with the poor chip damage of the orbs. I do a normal magic series on them and mix it up with low magic series + Doom xx teleport behind with j. fierce etc to mix it up.

I think everyone knows that you can’t recall orbs unless your previous ‘bots’ leave the screen, so to make up for lost time I do a couple dash in c.lks and then standing fierce+Doom xx teleport + fierce --> bird xx orbs again. If done right that should eliminate alot of the wait time for the trap to continue.

Also, if fighting Cable I often call Doom from all across the screen and teleport immediately to bait a AHVB, which I can easily air throw from the teleport recovery.

Against Sentinel, I almost always teleport with orbs like crazy just to get him caught in the infinite.

Still, a couple good combos landed on Strider = no more trap for me :-(.

If people can post other strategies, especially against Blackheart/Commando users, I’d be greatly appreciative. Hell, I find Blackheart’s assist the most troublesome, so help against gay Cable/Sent/BH teams would be of much help.

If Strider is played right, he owns Cable pretty well, heck he can beat Cable with only the teleport :smiley:

Strider pretty much owns cable. BombXXOuro is too good unless cable has two bars and Storm, Jin, Or anyone else with a Bomb safe super. Strider, while he can be AHVBed at startup of his teleport, that would be blind shit ass luck. Strider’s startup on teleport is already too fast for human reaction to react flawlessly. Strider’s launcher can also beat SFR cleanly when positioned right.

Don’t worry about any certain pattern you need to follow to do “the” Strider/Doom trap. Main thing is you need to get the opponent to block Orbs, teleport close, call Doom, teleport behind and push them into Doom as much as you can… and keep Strider alive.

I think that’s the real trick to Strider/Doom. The trap is simple. Keeping Strider alive is not. Versus Magneto? Keep teleporting and dropping with HP while calling Doom. That should be enough. Against Sentinel, keep your Orbs on constantly. Cable? Do NOT get predictable with teleports or you will get shredded. Smart teleporting and HPs (with random air throws) will do the trick. Treat Storm like Magneto, and you’re better off with Commando or Blackheart assists. Smart players wise up, and even though some things will work against them for a while because Strider/Doom is so infrequently used, they’ll learn. Everyone knows to superjump after Orbs, once Doom is done with his shpeil. I wouldn’t bother with a constant Strider/Doom trap unless you’re fighting Sentinel or a new opponent.

1.) The Strider/Doom Trap.

  • 1.) Throw Bird/Dog/Bomb (Bird/Dog = qcf+k, Bomb = B->f+k)…
  • 2.) … XX Orbs (qcf+2p)
  • 3.) d.s.lp->, pause->d.s.lp->
  • 4.) Repeat Step #3 until…
  • 5.) …about 10-15% on Orbs time bar, then call Doom **.
  • 6.) Teleport (using punch) to other side.
  • 7.) j.hp-> \ /
  • 8.) Repeat from Step #1 or #2

2.) Yes; I think so, but I’m not sure.

3.) (See #1)

Hope that helps.

  • Geronimo

A few questions…

  1. Who’s a good third Character? I assume someone like CapCom or blackheart to take them down if they super jump from the orbs… these also work well with Doom too right?

  2. Lets just say I didn’t want to use Doom. What other characters would suit this orbing-teleporting-chipping mess? Some that chips, and is out for a while…

A good third character, IMO, is Sentinel (gamma) since drone control can help Strider with rushdown and crossover tactics.

And I know Commando AA is exalted in terms of screen height, but on the whole, if you’re playing Strider/Doom for the trap in the first place, then you shouldn’t pick a third character based on ONE possible escape route for the opponent (the superjump). Unless you have a bitch of a time with runaway Storms, then concentrate on ONLY activating the Ourouborous when you’re 100% sure you have them. Like someone posted before, don’t throw away meters. Having Commando AA shouldn’t be a crutch for fine-tuning your trap.

strider is without a doubt the most complex character in the game. everyfight is COMPLETELY different vs top tier characters which is why almost no one uses his ass , its too much damn work. let me start on the topic of repeating. strider doom trap can be a 100 percent lockdown if you start it near your opponent. (ex: call doom jump over opponent, orbs) you have to start it so youre near your opponent early so you can read them correctly. the further away you start the trap the more difficult it is to repeat. it all depends on reading your opponent, who your opponent is and position. damn where to start. let me start out a list of who and who not to repeat against.

attempt repeat Vs.

magneto and blackheart are the easiest opponents to repeat against. blackheart flat out gets raped by strider. magneto is a very difficult match but if you can get orbs going you can control the tempo. spiral is very easy to start orbs with but difficult to trap, when i fight spiral and really dont try to trap against her, i just fill the screen with doom and dogs/birds constantly because she cant really punish doom or strider. i do orbs to take control of the match if she ever starts sword traps.

dont repeat against.
-Dr. Doom

repeating against storm is a waste of meter. heres why. shes extremely difficult to trap in the first place and about 80 percent of the time you start orbs she can run away till they run out, so i really dont call orbs against her at all unless she runs into doom and i know i can lock down for a rotation. if you ever catch storm in orbs i do not risk trying to repeat against her because of her normal attacks , its just way too risky. if you leave any hole in the trap she can RH or d+roundhouse, d+fierce etc and finish you off. or she can simply jump out and youve wasted meter. another reason i dont try to repeat against storm is because of the people shes usually teamed up with. Storms most popular companions are Sentinel, Cable or magneto. strider should save all his meter until one of those people come in and use the meter where its best needed, against sentinel , cable and magneto. Against storm get your space by jumping back. if she rushes you from the ground hit her with jumpback roundhouse, if used right this attack will always beat storms standing roundhouse. also call doom/sentinel here and there but dont be too predictable because of random hailstorms. if she rushes you from the sky knock her out with jump back fierce but watch for lightning attacks. you can keep storm out shes not magneto. once you get your space call drones and throw a bird, then a dog. always throw a bird first because sentinel or that bird will knock her out of hailstorm. now read storm. if she comes toward you, continue to keep her out. if she stays back throw more drones +birds and dogs. after a blocked dog you can warp on her and try to call doom. blocked dogs cause a long block stun in which i jump on that ho with short,short+doom. if shes just running away build meter of your own or tag out to sentinel if you want. i’ll finish in a bit…

Excellent Post, Devil X.

Fuck, I hate fighting Storm too.

Anyone know to stop Storm from doing the typhoon XX Hail especially with Sentinels drones when shes at full screen. That shit is especially annoying with Sentinels drones. I always try to bird XX Ouro, sometimes it trade and knocks her out of it with me getting hit by 3 bits of hail, other times, I’m not so lucky. But when she has Sentinels assist, you’ll get clobbered by the drones, then the hail.

I dont like the idea of teleporting since the window for it is fairly small. (Typhoon coming out the ground while shes going in her freeze frame) Calling my assist and then doing whatever next will result my assist eating hail and doom gets hurt badly by one hail.

You gotta have a solid 3rd character with s/d. CapCom is good but not enough. Pick one of the top tiers. I personally recommend, cable (AAA), storm, sentinel (drones), magneto, etc… Once your Strider dies by 2 AHVB, the game becomes tougher with a weaker 3rd character. Strider’s defense is way too weak.

Besides Doom, I’ve tried Sentinel, Iceman, Spiral, Storm (Projectile). I’ve been using Strider/Tron (the massive damage assist). It’s not much of a trap, but it’s fun teleporting and tricking your opponent with high/low hits. Good for damaging assists.

Also, READ what Devil X has written. He does know alot about s/d. Storm is a bitch against s/d.

I think all top tiers work with Strider/Doom. Also, AAAs works okay as a third too.

Cable: Hes provides a good AAA, and Cable/Doom works sorta well when Strider dies. Hes good as a 2nd character, IMO. The problems I see with this is that the team is meter guzzling.

Storm: great battery for the team, and just great overall. She can be used first, second, or third. When used as a first, she can build meter and DHC into Ouroborus to start the trap. When used second, she can legion XX hail. (fast dhc since Legion is 1 frame) and when used third, theres that infamous Pink shit XX Hail. However, Storm doesnt provide too much as an assist.

Sentinel: Possibly the 2nd best assist for Strider. I like to start ot the match with Sentinel since he can build meter and even kill your opponents characters. Then you DHC into strider and start the trap. Also his assist is invaluable to Strider. However, I dont think this team has a clear solution to stomp down.

Cyke: I think that having Cyke in your team is almost good as having Sentinel. His assist is very, very, very useful for Strider. You can teleport, drop Cykes AAA it’ll keep them long enough to start the trap. Also Cykes AAA has some invincibility and it covers like 1/2 screen, so you can almost always drop cykes AAA after a teleport. Cyke can also build meter for the team, but i think he also uses almost as much as he build. If strider dies, Cyke/Doom works very well together. IMO, I think he can either be a first second or third. The problems I see is that theres nothing easy damaging and abusable with this team. Once Strider dies, its sorta hard to make come back.

Spiral: the mother of all batteries. Shes great if you are having problems with Cable. Her assist chips sorta like Dooms so if Doom dies, she can act like his assist. Definitely use her first. The problems I see are Spiral is not too compatible with Dooms AAA and that if anyone of your team members die, its gonna be hard to make a comeback.

BH: He can build meter easily and BH/Doom still works. His assist can help Strider stop runaways. Main problem I see is that this team relies on Dooms AAA too much, and if he dies, you are screwed.

Magneto: He can build meter for the team and might even take out a person or more of their team before DHCing to strider. Other than that, I dont see anything too great about it. He doesnt work too well with Strider or Dooms assist, and vice versa.

non top tiers:

Capcom AAA: stops runaways, huge range for this so you can teleport and drop this which wont whiff or you can combo into it. IMO, this is Dooms best partner.

Kens AAA: this will put your opponent in block stun as it beats every attack in the game so hes worthy.

Trons projectile: strider/tron rushdown hurts