MvC2: Strider/Doom thread

I like having Cyclops with Strider/Doom the most out of anyone cause the team is more than just Strider/Doom and someone tagging alone with him, Cyclops/Doom is very good and Doom/Cyclops is just as good.

Cyclops is a GREAT AAA doing what an AAA is supposed to do, you can use him to safely get out Orbs, get Sents out of the air, etc.

You can even start the matches off with Cyclops (the AAA or third character) which very few other S/D teams can do. Cyclops can build meter and exit thru SOB in the air into Strider Orbs.

The DHC abilities of the team are just insane, like if you have the opponent in place, you can throw out an MOB, then DHC into Orbs and go into the trap, beautiful. Strider can exit thru Legion into SOB. Doom can exit thru APA into Orbs or MOB into Orbs, the DHC abilities of the team are just endless and its hard to counter any types of them and you’re getting major chip. If Doom somehow dies while Strider and Cyclops are still alive, then you can either go normal with Strider high prioritiy attacks backed up with Cyke’s AAA or Cyclops on point building the meter like a madman for Strider to annoy the opponent with Orbs.

Again, the best thing about the team is that if one member dies, the team can still do well with the other members, the pressure of Strider or Doom having to do everything isn’t on your back with S/D/Cykes.

Cyke n Sent imo are the best partners for Stri/doom. I might be a little biased since Strider/Cyke/Doom is my team, but i find Cyke as a more effective partner. Also good partners for them outside the top tier are:

Omega Red: Builds meter really effectively.

Iceman: Do some chip damage with doom by your side. When strider comes in, he finishes the job.

Jin: Jin’s AAA works wonders against rushdown. Doom also does a good job covering his lag and adding chip damage.

And I pretty much agree with most of what Devil said on repeating. You can’t give magz, cable, and sent a chance to touch strider. And anytime you activate your orbs is a chance of Sent getting killed because most of his moves have enough lag for strider to teleport into sent and start the infinite. HSF strider with an ouroboros will just let strider roll into sent after one wave of drones.
You can’t let spiral start her trap at all. And against blackheart, you gotta keep him down as much as possible. But i really don’t think it makes much of a difference cuz you can easily trap BH again without repeating orbs. Now onto Storm. While I don’t repeat as much against her as i do the other characters, I’ll repeat most of the time against storm and run after her if she escapes. But i usually get close enough to make sure she can’t RK out when i restart the orbs, otherwise i send a tiger.

And Devil, I’m really looking foward to your reason as to why you don’t repeat against doom. Doom doesn’t really seem all that hard to trap for me.

doom can tiger knee the air photon array , im not sure if this is a major factor cause ive only seen a few people try it let alone land it

TK Photon array won’t get enough height, Doom will get knocked out by maybe a launched ring or by the satellites, and wastes a bar which he could use to alpha cancel out.

Anyone here having problems against Omega Red?

his Burrowing Coils are fuckin annoying and it hurts. Knocks Strider out of his Tigers and Birds. Its also kinda a pain in the ass to rush him as he can rush strider back just as well and all those Carbonadium Strikes.

I think Strider has a harder time against Omega Red than Spiral or maybe its just me?

ya… i have some questions on how to keep this trap going…
its a meter prob, it just eats up my meter, what do i do to build it up… heres how i start it… at the moment when the match starts, i do lp, lp then call on doom, teleport on the other side throw dogs untill doom releases the rocks then xx ouro, then keep attacking untill the ouro meter is about to finish, then call doom, (repeat)…
however, i can’t seem to bring the meter up fast inof… am i doing something wrong… HELP

and another question…
to set the trap when somebody superjumps, do i chase after them or just wait for them to drop?..
i use blackhearts (aaa) when somebody SJ… i that correct?

and also an anti-strider/doom trap strat… lets say my strider/doom against someone elses strider/doom, how do i avoid their trap and put them in mine?..

er… u can’t build meter with strider doom to keep the trap going 100%. the best you can do i think is to built 1 and 1/2 levels using 5 levels… hahahah why do u think people are talking about batteries for strider?

A good thing (or maybe not so good) is that Omega Red players are rare and good Omega Red players are even rarer.

I have fought an Omega Red/Doom/something team before…I never fought a good OR team before, but it annoying as hell, coils shooting out everywhere, OR flying everywhere with C. Strikes and Doom rocks getting in your way. I still beat him though with Strider…but he was hurt badly though.

Never underestimate OR…

Spiral, I don’t think its that hard as long as you keep crap on the screen.

Dooms air photon air is the worst super to hit strider/doom imo. worst then felicias ground super. if there is any kind of hole in the trap and doom gets loose and your doom assist is still on the screen, there is pretty much nothing in hell you can do to stop him from performing a photon array on your doom assist. if you try to superjump and hit doom odds are youll be hit by the photon array because of its instant start up, and theres no way you can allow strider to be hit. so doom gets a free super on your assist, DHC to storm or sentinel and its pretty much over. when im fighting doom im extremely cautious as to when i call my doom assist, and if i can get orbs on doom, i call my doom very early to make sure he eats all the chip and then i turtle up. i find turtling is best against doom since if you ever move forward against him and he does a random photon array youre totally screwed, up close its as fast as headcrusher and strider is right in the line of fire. i just wait for dooms superjumping and try to stay directly underhim out of photon array, or keep warping around and frustrate him. most of the time in this situation i try to call my sentinel and let him eat the dhc. its a good thing there isnt many really good doom players cause they are annoying as hell :D. as for omega red, he is a complete beast vs strider. if you do not have a proper third assist he can eat strider alive. underground coils beats your dog throwing and warping. DO NOT attempt to warp against omega from across the screen. jump/double jump your way forward, you must get close to him to cause him trouble. all of your normal attacks can beat out omega reds so you have to get in that range. across the screen youll just die. if you have sentinel you can easily defeat Omega by calling your assist and letting him eat the coils while you attack. or you can call in sentinel and kill omega that way. teams like strider/doom/commando cannot defeat a top tier omega. as for the third partner i personally fell secure with sentinel, in fact i start sentinel (team clock) i used to use sentinel last but i realized he can be a force with doom. i can even fight cables, spirals, BH, dooms with this team. the worst match up for this team is really good magnetos, since your sentinel has no AA its tough as hell to keep mags off sentinel, in that case just bring in strider. i think if you dont have sentinel as a third character spiral can be very difficult to beat. however if you have an AA like cyc or jin whatever , its easier to defeat sentinel. sentinel is a very tough fight for strider with only sentinel drones as AA.

True. Good stuff Devil X. Yeah, i’ve been hit by some random photon arrays, which can fuck strider over completely. But usually, Doom doesn’t stop me from repeating rings when i want to. When I repeat rings against doom, i do it either when i’m up close, or reasonably far away. At mid range, it’s a little risky because doom sj Air photon array on reaction already has a perfect angle and timing. It can connect if i try teleporting or force me to block, making me waste a little of my time. Far away, if doom super jumps when i repeat orbs, i can teleport under him and come up from directly underneath (one of the few situations where strider’s lk and hk teleports come in handy). Air Photon Array doesn’t touch anything directly below doom. Now onto Doom Air Phon Arraying my Doom. If that happens, I’ve usually teleported behind my opponent’s doom. Whenever my strider is fighting Doom, 90% of the time, i’m usually doing one of two things. Teleporting and attacking.

Something else, Doom’s a pretty big guy. So eagles being able to hit him when he’s standing doesn’t really help :stuck_out_tongue: .

As for Omega Red, i’m not going to say anything due to my inexperience against him. Most Omega Reds were either way too good for me or just simply out of my league.

You can build a half meter each time you use a meter. Dash LP, dash LP, as quick as you can, teleport, ground chain, Bird, Orbs… So if you start with two meters, you can get off three rounds. Five meters gives you eight rounds if you keep this up.

Versus Cable is risky. If he’s got Commando or Cyclops anti-airs, Strider either gets hit, or Cable can just jump out or even super Strider. If he doesn’t have these anti-airs, though, repeating is entirely safe… Stay close. I teleport a lot, but I have to be careful not to be predictable. If you get Cable caught up in a mess, with his assist being hit by Doom or something, he’ll almost always jump back block. I teleport behind, and air throw him on the way down.

Magneto can be tough, too. If he gets out, like Storm, he can air dash up and waste a meter with Tempest. Strider can catch him, (with double jump or Excalibur while Orbs are on - and toss Orbs while flying), but you’ll probably trade some hits. I think it’s worth it, though, because once you get down, if you were quick enough to get Magnus down, you still have time to call Doom.

I don’t waste meters against Spiral. I just rush her down with double jumps forward and j.HPs. I teleport often so she can’t start trapping. Spiral can’t punish any mistake you might make except by getting swords or something. Though that’s pretty important itself - keeping her from getting swords. Just remember that Spiral cannot punish ANYTHING, so teleport, and rush down. Save your meters for Cable or Sentinel.

I personally use Magneto/Strider/Doom, but it might just be because it’s most fun for me. I used to play Strider/Doom/Blackheart, but never liked having either Doom or Blackheart on my team (they just made Strider really good). Magneto can rush down all right with Doom’s AAA backing him up, and Doom can do pretty well with Magneto’s projectile assist (jump back j.HP + Magneto assist, super jump Photons?). Not quite Doom/BH, but it can work.

Ummm, I honestly haven’t played Strider/Doom in an arcade for a long while. I used to play it exclusively, but got tired of Doom and Blackheart.

It’s not all that hard to keep cable in constant blockstun and repeat. If he superjumps, still not a problem. No air dash, no double jump, no teleport. he’s going to come down and get trapped again. BombxxOuro prevents him from AHVBing, unless he has someone like storm or jin next to DHC out of.

If you fuck up against magneto and he super jumps then goes into tempest, you have a chance to redeem yourself by sj after him and blocking the tempest. The rings will hit, trap continues. However, you gotta do this quickly before the scaps of metal start flying out.

Spiral can punish some mistakes with her HP grab. Not abusable, but effective.

Spiral Doom is really good.

Think S/D but w less chance of dying (teleport startup).

Down-side is that it’s a lot more work than s/d (teleport recovery) and TONS more work than spiral sent (have drop doom close).

But if you’re good at it. It’s really nice.

I don’t play against OR so I don’t know too much but…

the only reason burrowing coil is hitting is probably cuz of tiger/bird xx ouro.
Don’t do that. :stuck_out_tongue:
Stay as far away as possible, teleport onto him, block (OR has a good dp) then start trapping. OR isn’t too hot at getting outta s/d.

Spiral w/ sent beats OR pretty good, but w/o, its hard to call swords.

Don’t forget that OR has the Omega Destroyer which can act like a ghetto Reimiken (SilSam’s super) or Sandsplash hitting on both sides, you can’t teleport and leave Doom open too much against OR.

devil x, or anyone that can answer my question…
how do i trap someone, that has “JINS (AAA)”, i fought someguy the other day, i couldn’t trap him because of his JINs (aaa)

maybe i was a little predictable, but how do i trap someone with Jins (aaa)?


Hmm, I’m confused:confused: Stay at far screen and teleport at him or not? Wont you get hit from the burrowing coils if you try to teleport from full screen?

Now back to the Storm problem. Anyone know how to stop Storm from doing chronic typhoon XX Hail when shes from full screen?

What I do is bait them out by teleporting at them and jumping back. After they call out Jin, I call out my assist, then rush them and start the trap.

I think the best Strider/Doom partner would be Sentinel. I’ve used Sent/Strider/Doom since a year and some change ago. They completely own the ground because rocks, drones, and orbs cover too much space. As for setting up the Strider/Doom trap with Sent’s gamma assist, you can go for s. lp, s. lk, s. lp, s. lk, s. hp+ Sent assist, s. hk XX DP+P or K XX Orbs. The drones will hit at the start up of the Orbs, giving you enough time to launch a few and teleport and begin the proper trap. Note that this combo is when they block. If they take the hit, go for a c. lk, c. lk, c. hp + Call Doom, teleport, bird XX Orbs. They fall right inbetween Strider and Doom.

I would not waste my time with an AAA with this team, since Strider does have a double jump, he can go very high in the screen. If you were to have one, I’d recommend IM AAA(This is good, no kidding!!), Cammy AAA, Ken AAA, or Cyke AAA. I don’t think CapCom really shines well with this team. If you feel like chip damage is really the way to go, Storm/Strider/Doom is going to be your new favorite team. Storm/Doom chips the hell out of your opponents and most of the time without using meter. Crossing up and DHC Lighting Storm into Ragnarok leaves the opponent badly hurt, as well.

I used Strider/Cable/Doom at ECC6 last year, and I did not think that team was worth it. They gobble up way too much meter and when Strider dies or tags out, Cable is left with barely two meters. This means alot of running around trying to charge bar for Cable. The only thing I can recommend about this team is that Cable/Doom lock down very good. You get chipped pretty good if you fight this team on the ground.

As for assists for Strider, I choose him with Gamma assist. The Eagle is MUCH safer to use since he won’t stay on screen for very long and you can counter into it and cancel into the Orbs. The kick is only good if you have Magneto or plan to show off. Other than that, I suggest you stick with the bird since I don’t even think you want to call Strider out alot as an assist.

There is my opinion. See ya.