MvC2: Strider strats and combos

strider does not own doom, in fact a good doom is one of his toughest matches

his slide s downfoward and roundhouse/fk.

what i find out his dj air combos to be easier, is sj. lp, sj. lk, pause, sj. lk, double jump, sj. lp…

to me, it’s easier than any other way.

what’s (to me) a fancy combo with cyke, which happeneds to be a lil more damaging than his regular air comboes is:

launch, call assist, sj. fp, assist hits, fp air slash thingy.

either it’s fp, or fk. you can add a sj. lp in there before, but i’m not sure it’ll do any good.

I guess I’ll try to get some use out of this thread. What’s the best way to approach a Strider mirror match? (assuming both players are starting Strider)

Quote Devil X “strider does not own doom, in fact a good doom is one of his toughest matches”

Just to point out, a very good strider and a very good doom player would be a great match up. But you hardly find a very good doom player around here, and while u super jump and photon array, all strider has to do is 1 of 2 things: 1.dash under you. 2. teleport below you. Take your pick, also how can doom get off the ground when he is put in the Strider/Doom trap :evil: Also he wont do much good in the air, seeing how blackheart would take him down quick. And also im not sure but i think i did say “Strdier owns doom, which is my opinion” but you never know.

Quote Zatalcon “ya, their HAS been quite many, well lets make this a-billion and one. lets talk about good partners for S/D, that doesn’t envolve sent in them”

Well you can use Strom to control the ground so you can dash in better. Also you can use BlackHeart to keep them out the sky, same with Psylocke/Cyclops. But i love the Strider/Doom trap, its not that hard to get out of, but once you catch them, they well either take damage or chippage. heh :evil: But i normally well trade out Sentinel for BlackHeart, cause you can do the Strider/Doom trap into the Doom/BlackHeart trap.

Quote BarrelO “I guess I’ll try to get some use out of this thread. What’s the best way to approach a Strider mirror match? (assuming both players are starting Strider)”

Well if they are using Strider and you are also, if you know how Strider works, and you can push block/ roll very good, im sure you can take him pretty easy. If he mess’s up with the Strider/Doom trap, make him feel hurt and show him how the trap is supposed to be performed. Keep on him and do not let up, im my opinion "I would start out with my 3rd character and save Strider/Doom for later, do what ever you can to take down his Strider, But its not all just Strider, A very good way to defeat Strider/Doom is to catch Doom as he comes out with a AHVB, if you connect a few AHVB’s then he well be dead and then the Strider/Doom trap is no more. If you get rid of one or the other that team is pretty much useless. Hope this helps a lil.

I dunno Devil. I’d think a Doom player should be more afraid of Strider than the Strider player is afraid of Doom. Strider’s already got plenty priority on Doom already. Doom’s size also doesn’t help either. Eagles will hit him when he’s standing. I can also hit Doom almost the instant if not slightly after I come out of my teleport. Double jumps are also effective in preventing crossups. Activating orbs can also help. Though it’s highly risky activating it at close range, as i found out in my match against Viscant at last week’s weekly. I’ll admit, Strider doesn’t own Doom in this match like he would own Blackheart since Doom still has his options. But I’d still say this is around 7-3 territory in Strider’s favor.

thanks pryde.:cool:

Sentinel still gives me the biggest troubles when I dont have a good AAA.

any tips with an AAA less strider against sentinel?

that is the greatest av i’ve ever seen in my life!:smiley:

Turns out double jump combos do have some use aside from building meter. By doing launch, jab short strong fwd, short, double jump jab short strong fwd, jab xx rocket up, you get a positioning and recovery advantage over your opponent when landing that a regular air combo wouldn’t provide. Though I haven’t really messed with it, it seems pretty promising. If any of you still have the Clock v Soo videos from a looong time ago (that were in the media section of SRK), I believe I do a double jump combo, then as Magneto rolls from the rocket, I’m able to jump over him and call Doom before he recovers or something. ANYway, someone should test out possible followups to this.


actually IIRC you didn’t do a double jump combo, all you did was sj.[lp, lk, mk, lp excalibur]

Soo’s mags rolled and you jumped behind him before he recovered, so that was something

… oh. My bad <_<;;;

I guess I prolly did some weird timing or got him at a weird angle with that combo. Still, the reason I remembered that situation is cause it’s similar to what happens when you do a double jump combo.


Standing Fierce works well against low flying sentinels. against sent/commando lately i’ve been able to use rapid birds to keep sentinel off, and the birds sometimes hit commando on his way in…so it works fairly well. Prolly shouldn’t be abused tho. You can orb trap sent. Stick on him with telelports and such to counter his pushblocking. Just after orbs end, alotta sent.'s expect strider to to a ground combo. Just throw him. Also works fairly well. With strider vs sent. i more or less play runaway, looking for chances to use orbs to punish assists, or to airthrow, etc… When sent. tries to chip you with hsf alot of sent.'s do laser xx rocketpunch xx HSF. Dangerous. As soon as you see the rocket punch coming activate orbs. When doing so strider is too low for rp to hit him. Then teleport, and if he made the mistake of doing HSF after the rp, you’ll be able to get him with infinite (someitmes you might have to throw a set of rings out before you teleport, to desstroy the first wave of drones).

Using s/d against sent. with AAA is tricky. As the orbs are almost over, i make a last effort to build as much meter as possible. My last combo continues until after the orbs wear off. Then as doom’s rocks are about to leave him, dash/jump back (to abotu 3/4 screen distance, out of range of all AAA’s) throw birds/tigers xx orbs (determining which animal, and how many of each depends on the situation…you just gotta think which will work for the position you have him in).

Against Sent/AAA i’ve been trying to utilize strider’s fireball. Its pretty useless on the ground…doesn’t break super armor, thus is useless to summon. But against a sent. coming after you in the air, it defintely can relieve pressure…and it comes out fast. So far the best time i’ve found to summon the orb for the fireball is during the trap. Jumping back takes just long enough to summon the fireball orb.

Question: Can anyone consistently do strider’s wall jump stright up? I’ve only done it three times (ever), and i can’t determine exactly which directions to hit to do it properly. If you don’t know what i mean…instead of using strider’s wall jump to rebound from the wall, its possible to wall jump straight up, with no rebound at all, and from there you can then double jump…which, if you are in a superjump, takes you over the screen limit. I wanna master it so that i can float up high when storm’s or sent. slips out of my trap, but its HARD. If you learn any techniques to doing it at least SEMI-consistently, please lemme know.


Hold forward (away from the wall) then immediately hold back (toward the wall) when you go into your wall bounce animation.

noob question

im trying to learn more about strider… whats this infinite you all speak of?:wtf:

Strider’s infinite works against a standing Sentinel. Jump, lk, mk, fp, fk, land (repeat)

wow, im not having much luck with that.

do u think theres a site that has a vid of that?

Umm, prolly gotta find some clockw0rk matches. I’ve a small collection and i can tell u for sure that the clockvsimage series, zazavsclock, clockvssoo series, and clockvsvalle series(from shgl finale) don’t have the infinite in them. Go to channel #gamecombos on mIRC and look for some. As with every infinite, its all about the timing. Make sure the fk hits Sent. no higher than his waist (as your falling from your jump).

I’ve randomly done some move where Strider does the wall climb, and then does some sort of air dash to the other side of the screen and continues the wall grab. Any idea how this is done?

It’s just b,f.