MvC2 Suggestions


I’m not new to fighting games, nor to these forums, but I am new to MvC2. I’ve just purchased it on my 360 for like 5 bucks, and I haven’t played this game in years.

I’ve got the combos down pretty easily, but I could use some suggestions on what line ups to use and how to handle the inevitable call in whore on xbl. I mean, what can I possibly do against a megaman who’s spamming Y at me while a never ending barrage of Blackheart and Sentinel assists?

Right now these are the characters I use in random rotation: Cyclops, Ken, Sentinel, Guile, Akuma and the occasional zangief or rogue.

If someone could just let me know what the classic, cookie cutter line ups are, that have been tried and proven over the years to work the best together, I’d appreciate it very much.


The SRK wiki has a good bit of marvel stuff in it. Here is the bit about teams.


Get in close and call in an invincible assist. Of the characters you listed, Ken Anti Air fits the bill, he should just plow right through everything. Expansion might work too. Psylocke AA and Cable AA work if you plan on ever picking up those characters.

Running away in the upper areas of the screen would frustrate your opponent, Sentinel assist won’t reach you up there and Megaman either has to create holes in his defense to come after you or sit around and settle for chipping you with Blackheart assist.