MvC2 TE Fight Stick $99.99 @ Gamestop

im not sure if this is old, but i just came from gamestop and this stick was $99.99. Making sure it wasnt a fluke i checked the website. Its $99.99 there too. Seems like a good price. btw the sticker on the box says $139.00 but it rang up $99.99

If I wasn’t building my own I’d hop on this

Damn thats a good deal, now I wish I didn’t get 2 of the R1 TE’s…

damn i just got home from work (@ Gamestop lol) to put this in the Good Deals thread in the trading outlet!

Thanks to you I picked one of these up. Just as a collectors item though because I love Marvelvs.Capcom so damn much… Hate japanese sticks though. They really should’ve made the damn MARVEL stick with happs parts, but oh well.

I dig the artwork. The girl at gamestop was confused when it rang up 99.99.

yea i would have creamed myself for an american layout with happ parts. SIX BUTTONS TOO!

the only thing i dislike about the TE’s is the eight buttons. ugh

i seen that the other day though i have a new 1 they said its 140

does anyone know if these are going on sale at eb games/gamestop in Canada? They still show up as 169.99 (or 189.99 at some places! although the real price is 169…) I don’t why the markup from US/CDN is so ridiculous on these.

When they first came out… 189cdn… when US gamestop dropped to 139 they became 169cdn, so I doubt at the new price point of 99 in the US, the best we could hope for here is like 119… which is sad, but better than 169!

Anyways, if I or anyone finds out of a cdn price drop on these in the near future, pls update the thread!

I just bought one of these. Now I’ve got to sell my ChimP dual modded round 1 that I’ve never even taken out of the box. I just bought this one because I wanted the black sides without having to paint them lol.

Fmlllll not available online noooooooooooooooo!

I picked one up this morning. It’s not going to be available online at all, you hafta put your zip code into the store locater and pray that your local store has one. Luckily for me, I had like 6 stores that had it lol

wow bro.

I looked at the CA GS site:

Man, those Canadian prices are intense. I feel bad for you guys.

haha yeah man, tell me about it. rough. well in-store they are $169.99, website is wrong. It rings in at 189, but the sticker is 169 and they manually adjust. I traded some stuff in and just grabbed one since quantities were low. The guy said if I keep it sealed I can get cash back if it goes on sale to match the US store. So here’s hoping it drops in price sometime in the next 30 days. :bluu:

And yes, I’ve thought about getting a US buddy to buy me one, but unfortunately due to the weight of the thing shipping really kills the deal especially after factoring in wait time… possible duty, etc.

damn. i love mvc2 way better than sf4. i wish i could have waited for a price drop on these.

scratch what i wrote before
YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH BOYYYYYYYYYYY my first fighstick :slight_smile:
ok sorry for being too happyy but im going to play now lol

I hate Marvel but this a pretty good deal for $100…I wonder if its going to drop more…

All good. I was that happy when I got my first fightstick.

I got mine today, look at it now