MVC2 TE Stick on Gamestop


sorry if this is old or already posted but it looks like a new TE stick from Madcatz has been listed, MVC2 style.

Update: Looks like the pre orders were taken down. For those still interested try calling and ordering, or going in a store to pre order. When I called to check on my order that I made over the phone the CSR said she still saw it in the system.


no pics=fail


Charging $10 more than what the original went for is fail.

Especially now that two big chains ( and carry TE’s for $130.


how the fuck do you release a stick, that is releasing months after release of the game… so stupid.


I personally would prefer plain sticks with different colors and button configs.


Some people want the new art…

Agreed that if you’re going to customize it anyway that you’re better off getting the original TE design cheaper.

I kind of like the vanilla flavors of what was once on preview at Play-Asia myself. Still gonna be more expensive than just getting a domestically-available stick now and modding it, though… Might as well save that shipping money. That alone would pay for HALF a stick from or


If its just new art I will be dissapointed. Im hoping they go for a straight button layout for this one. Doesnt make sense to charge more for “almost” the same stick.


I’ll think about it once I see pictures of the damn thing…


I would assume it’s using Happ parts.


wouldn’t it be a good deal cheaper then…


but Marvel is not a cheap license.


Happ parts, straight rows of buttons and I buy…


The preorder appears to be gone, only thing its showing is mvc2 for the ps3


Looks like its been taken down.

I remember there being rumors about this earlier in the year, along with some MvC2 fightpads. I think it would be really cool if they did this with American parts.


I’m a manager of a Gamestop in CA posting from work right now and I just placed a pre order for the marvel stick so it’s in the system. $50 to pre order and comes out 10/14


Somehow I doubt it. But it would be nice to see a Happ stick available at retail.


Hasn’t the quality of Happ parts gone down the shitter since they outsourced to China? Would be cool if they used iL.


Just the sticks, from my experience. I have Happ and iL branded buttons, and they’re the same. The Happ sticks wouldn’t be bad if they made their damn actuators the appropriate size for the shaft of the stick. Had 2 in a row that I had to force the actuator on, and then had to fight to remove when it didn’t work out. The iL stick slid right on with no problems.


Well, I don’t think their buttons use cherry switches anymore if I recall correctly.


No, they still use them.