MvC2 Team Beast Combo Videos presents Volume 3... 5 years in production


Alright, for those of you that are new, Team Beast has been bringing you mvc2 combo videos for the past 6+ years.

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Thanks to Magnetro, BBHood and a few others for help making this video. There is a Team Beast volume 3: II coming in the next couple days. It was just so much footage, we broke it into 2 parts (like the new Harry Potter 7 movie).

Volume 3, Part 1

direct download Thanks to Preppy




direct download now available in HD


Team Beast for life. Great vid. Better than the Jim Carrey “Christmas Carol” Movie and that movie was sick.

By the way, is that the Inception soundtrack you used?

And when Fanatiq yells “Body!” repeatedly at the end?! My goodness. That should be my alarm clock.

Great work Tunacan. Great work indeed.


if I don’t get a shout out in the deathly hallows pt deux…


and yeah Inception soundtrack ftw [media=youtube]9rbZOFcmMHg[/media]


i hate you

also i will narrate transcript asap


well done fellas, kudos !


man this makes me wanna learn iron man


makes me wanna learn how to MMDS


i love the doom 7 hit air combo. too good.


Dig the color transitions!






Sorry Magnetro, I think Vol 3 might be the greatest combo vid ever conceived.


magnetro is more like finito (spanish for finished)

he doesn’t post here, i don’t even know why he still has mod powers when he hasn’t signed on in months