MvC2: Team Mechanics

So, I was playing a mix of everything last week-end up in Petersburg with Amp, Flipkev, Eric, & gang and really enjoyed myself. Of course, when it came time for Marvel, I was there.

On the sticks were Exist and Flipkev. Flip picked the popular Storm(proj)/Cable(aa)/Sentinel(grnd) for his choice of characters. Exist scanned the characters for a bit, and finally came up with Doom(aa)/Blackheart(aa)/Cammy(aa).

“We got Alex Valle over here playing Blackheart,” sneered Flip.

“Anything plays right, it’s good,” replied Eric.

Really? lol

So, what does play right in marvel? Well, this got me to thinking what HAS been playing right in marvel?

Let’s take a look at the more popular teams in Marvel. SRK’s Wiki ( points out that the known giants are:

“MSS” of Magneto-a/Storm-a/Sentinel-a

This team allows you to exploit some nasty, conventional DHCs.

We see:
Mag/Sent rush followed by Storm-a
Mag/Storm combo with Sent-a
Storm/Sent trap w/ Mag-a

This is a living organism of a team and can function in many ways.

“MSP” of Magneto-a/Storm-a/Psylocke-a

This team keeps the initial sick DHC b/w Mag/Storm but takes out Sent to capitalize more on the rushdown factor w/ Psy’s easy connect aa.

We see:
Mag/Psy dash-in coupled w/ Storm-a
Mag/Storm rush w/ Psy-a
Storm trap w/ Mag-a

…follow the link to see the rest for yourself.

As long as it plays right, it’s good. This to me translates to, as long as you can capitalize on your strengths, you should be ok. :party:

Which team do you favor the most, SRK players, and how does it allow you to capitalize on your strength(s)?

2 pairs are awesome.

sent/capcom, cable/capcom = scrub

sent/doom, strider/doom = clockwork

storm/capcom, sent/capcom = santhrax

the majority of the top tier teams in this game are of type 2. the exceptions are IM based teams and rowtron. and even rowtron benefits from sent/mag and cable/mag.

if 1 good pair dies, you still have another good pair which can wreck shop.

1 pair is GDLK:


The 2nd & 3rd pair, to me, just tag along:

Anyone else/Sent
Anyone else/Anti-air