MvC2 team names (help, please)


I like watching Marvel, but I am hella suck at the game, so I’m not clear on the team names. Could someone please clarify the following:

Team Scrub
Team Santhrax
Team Row
any others I’ve forgotten

I thought that Team Scrub and Team Santhrax were the same (Storm/Sent/CapCom), and Team Row was Mag/Cable/Sent, but I’m not sure.

And is MSS Mag/Storm/Sent?



  • Scrub = Sent/Cable/CapCom
  • Santhrax = Sent/Storm/CapCom
  • Row = Mag/Cable/Sent-a
  • Matrix = Storm/Sent/Cyke
  • Watts = Bh/Sent/CapCom
  • MSS = Mag/Storm/Sent
  • MSP = Mag/Storm/Psy


combofiend- magneto, iron man, sentinel


team combofiend - mag/sent/im


combofiend - sent/mag/ironman


combofiend - Ironman, Mag, Sent


Yeah I’m not sure if it’s been posted yet but…

Team Combofiend: Ironman, sent, mag


So what’s the correct order if there is one?


I’m pretty sure that the normal order is:
Mag, Sent, IM

However, he has played the team in this order:
Sent, Mag, IM

I’ve never seen him start IM.


I’ve definitely seen it played Mag/IM/Sent too, to let Mags DHC to Proton Cannon. :stuck_out_tongue: Order doesn’t matter nearly as much as it does in the other teams.


What’s Team Jesus?


ummm team combofiend is mag/im/sent

he plays sent/mag/im against certain teams (msp for example)


Team -CrUnK-…Iron Man(BLUE)/Sent(purp…Old skoo)/Blackheart(any color)


I thought team scrub was magneto/cable/capcommando. Otherwise, if team scrub is sentinel/cable/commando, then whats the name for mag/cable/commando??

Shotokan team Ryu/Akuma/Ken
Clockworks team Strider/Sentinel/Doom
Team MST/Rowtron Magneto/Storm/Tron
Team SSS Sentinel/Sentinel/Sentinel:evil:


Team Future: Mag/Cable/Doom
Team Mike Ross/Crime Scene Investigation: Cable/Storm-B/IM
Team Julius Jackson: IM/War Machine/Doom


Team Stargate: Mag/Sent/Psy

(although people got smart and stopped using this shitty team :lol: )


i thought team jesus was mag/storm/doom

and i thought team matrix was mag/storm/capcom.


Cable/Storm/Sent Team SA.M, It’s fucking trademarked.


Aint Genghis been usin that team since SHGL days???


Storm/Sent/Cable - Team David L!