MvC2 team scrub tips?


Ive been having more fun w/ mvc2 lately but never really put in the time to really learn anything due to believing it was pretty difficult. Since i first played mvc2 on the dreamcast i always liked cable, just never knew who to team him up with. After reading team scrub (cable,sentinel,capcom) would be newb friendly i thought i should stick with this team. I would just like to know what are some important things i should learn w/ this team. Such as with cable getting the ahvb should be important, what are some other must learn moves/combos/set ups with this team? Also how important are infinites to learn?


learning infinites with team scrubs is almost non existant, the only infinite cable has that i know of is on a standing sentinel. though shoutouts to you if you can land cable or capcoms infinite on sentinel lol

start sentinel against any character except another cable. you want to build meters so cable has AHVB. and sent/cap is a lethal combo. learn the fast fly half-life combo. learn stomp patterns. basically learn sentinel.

for cable, learn how to cover your ass! with no double jump or airdash its sometimes a wonder why this guy is even considered god tier…til you learn how to control space with him. use those nades! never throw a nade past the opponent. learn to split the screen in half. never superjump without an assist to cover the ground, magneto or storm will just dash in and youre gonna land in a mixup. learn wavedashing. also learn to capitalize, if you land a bullet, AHVB RIGHT AWAY!! but also be patient, and never stay in one place. you should be dashing, throwing nades, calling dat cap, jab viper beams, buckshots. the more cables out, the more hes building meter, and the higher the possibility gets of landing the one shot youll need.

if you ever wanna run scrub mirrors add me on PSN and hit me up with an invite :slight_smile: also check out the cable and sentinel subforums in the MvC2 section for more indepth help


Thanks so much, kind of info i was exactly looking for!!