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Okay I am going to make this as simple as possible, no drama, no additives just the straight facts. In Marvel, west coast is the better team as they proved. Soo mighty represented west coast that night. I felt real fucked up, because all of west coast down played us and said all the east has is Marvelous. Ricky and Mix up got the 2-3 that we needed, and our plan was for Josh and X to just get 3-2 and let Marvlous get 4-1 or 5-0, either way that was the plan, and we would have won. However…that is not what happened. Ricky and Mix up did there thing, in fact Ricky nearly beat soo mighty, but when it came down to Josh and X, that is where the east fell apart. 1-4 and 0-5. I have my own personal reasons as why that happened, however that will only cause contreversy and that is not important. Anyway straight up and down they fucked us up, because we weren’t completely together as east coast. That is the truth of the situation. Good shit west coast.

Now that sets up Marvel’s finals. For those like James from Baltimore who truely understand the significance of why it was important that the east had to win second place, allow me to explain. The west coast had made a point when they won team marvel and that point was that the east coast isn’t shit without Marvelous in MVC2, and without him West coast can and will own the east coast in that game. To be honest with you, I have to agree, because with the video trailer that they had, the intensity in that place was crazy. This was to prove what the east coast was all about. We fail that. So now the east must prove something. We must win second in marvel. Marvelous doesn’t count anymore. Everyone in there both East and West already figured that Marvelous was going to win it. Especially when he was in the winners, and soo and row were in losers. The chances of Marvelous losing was very low. Not saying that he couldn’t just saying that it was highly unlikely. With this in mind, the Empire and a couple of east players all gathered around and had a meeting and we spoke to Josh and Ricky about how important that it was for them to beat the west, because Marvelous doesn’t count anymore. We knew the unlikley chance that Ricky had to beat Row, but we knew Josh had the best chance. However things turned from bad to worst. Josh lost, and that left the final remaining chance and pride for the east all in ricky.

The funniest thing, is that when they called up Ricky and they showed his intro, and it had Empire Arcadia in it, the announcer called him a “TRAITOR” yes people a traitor, so you see how important it was for the west to get the second spot and a chance to fight Marvelous, it was all about them proving that without him we ain’t shit. So the east had one final mission use someone else other than marvleous to beat rowtron. With that intense battle between Row and Ricky, they both split the first game and then it came down to the last game, and all the east coast with the Empire was in the VIP section cheering ricky on, saying, “ONE MORE GAME RICKY, ONE MORE GAME.” When Ricky won, I will admit we were unsportsman like but that is only because we were like Ricky BEAT ROW! NIGGA PLEASE! lol. But we will take that shit. With a tournament like this and so many upsets that was the back breaker. In the end, once that happened, west coast and most of the audience started to leave, they didn’t even want to watch Ricky and Marvelous play. Then to add insult Arturo, Matrix and someone else, that I can’t remember ran up to the front of the machine and held up the Empire Arcadia shirts and all of us in the corner was shouting EAST COAST! They booed obviously, but we didn’t care. We took pics as a team, and got a interview. James from Baltimore joined the Empire, and I give him mad props, because when it came down to it, he was helping me out and keeping the east and the Empire as one unit. Good shit james. E UNIT! Until then.


LOL, this is rahsaan, next time dont let people who suck like the Xecutioner a.k.a 1-4 scrub join…


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Don’t talk shit Rah. Shit happens. They were on stage, people choke. That doesn’t make them suck, it just means that they have to over come it. They will X will come back and avenge that shit. I faith him. RIGHT X? Until then.

The NEW Heroes of Newerth Thread
The NEW Heroes of Newerth Thread




SO TFGM will you be helping the next 5 vs 5 the revenge at IMPACT???




Heh I geuss but whatever. I could care less if Rahsaan is talking shit because a) he didn’t go to evo because he couldnt afford it of course. and b) he has no real life so his only joy is hearing about me lose. Which is quite alright because I know Mvc2 is the only thing he has in life(well…warcraft also). So if me losing makes him happy its all good…

-The Icon-


I agree with TFGM and James that the biggest win for the east coast was Ricky’s MVC2 win over rowtron. I was downstairs talking to these guys and everyone agreed that after the team tourney it was going to be very important to represent for the 2 and 3 slots, since it was a given that Justin would win. Coming on the heels of his 2-3 in the team tourney and a near victory over soo I think ricky was still getting no respect from wc, prolly over his recent defection and for repping the empire. But he held that shit down and beat Rowtron straight up with no beef, and doing that put east coast all the way on the map as the dominant force in evolution. If you wanna add in the 3d games then east coast really repped out, as atlanta players took 2nd in the two tekken contests to a korean and a texas player. No WC at all in tekken. But in the end it comes down to marvel as the premiere game and the EC repped out when it counted. Next time we can just hope sanford pays for the damn subway, then the team tourney is gonna be a different story methinks. EAST COAST FOEVA.


you guys did rep, i mean you beat row with a cali player, good shit! go ec!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: maybe you should buy off john choi, have him beat us down and claim ec owns wc to further stomp home the point that wong isnt the only powerhouse in the east.



Whadda you flappin about now?

Dood, ec did pretty good foo. It’s not like we all bombed out, i think we had 4 ec people in top 10 for marvel, anything different about that than last year?

Stop the hate, what place did you get?


i dont think you understand, braggin about ec vs ec finals, hell ricky is NOT ec, shit is stupid ive played against him here in cali since tekken tag days and he learned marvel in WC. if wong moved out to WC i dont care how long his ass was here i would never consider him WC. i can see if you wanna say, empire beasted marvel cause they did, they got top two. it has nothing to do with wc vs ec though. for the record, i only entered soul calibur . good shyt on getting finals 8 mixup no beef with you


Oh, thats koo, everyone is entitled.

Kinda sucks that you didn’t enter marvel seeing how i saw a vid of you and wanted to face another strider/doom(sides da clock of course)


dont worry about devilx, at
ECC8 your the only person that l think got close beating justinW good magneto


ricky is EC. That’s why he was on Team EC for the WC vs EC tourney.

Unless you’re saying that Ricky is really WC and thus the WC vs EC tournament shouldn’t count since EC only had 4 players and Ricky’s wins/losses shouldn’t count. so it was really 5 on 4.

It’s either EC got top 2 spots in Singles tourney and WC won the team tourney… or EC got 1st place in singles tourney and the team tourney was faulty because Ricky’s wins/losses shouldn’t count.


NO correction, i’m not happy to see you lose, i’m happy that everyone sees you are only good against me and you fucking suck vs josh and everyone else, thus making me a better player than you beotch.




Yeah! We did it- fuck the haters. Too bad Santhrax couldn’t make it. We would’ve gotten top 3 in Marvel2. Then again, we have nothing to prove. People hate because their coast lost. It’s a shame that some people are set apart(and made enemies) by their coastal boundaries. We should all be happy that fellow gamers won in what they’re best in. Anyway, congrats to all(ALL) the people who put their thing down at EVO, and a special congrats to all the Empire who did their thing(Justin, Ricky, Arturo, Triforce, Kitty, Xecutioner & Mixup). You did good!

Oh, and hopefully, if all goes as planned, everyone will be hearing of me very soon. . .:evil:


~Born to Play~

First of all, Ricky himself says he’s east coast. Second that doesn’t even matter, because I consider Empire not to be a coast but based on the situation at Evo it was all about east vs. west. Second, Ricky choose to wear Empire, and rep the east so no matter how long he is living out there or for what reason, he choose his side, and that is with the Empire. Plus WC called him a “TRAITOR” so even if you want to look at it like that, WC gave him to us so to speak. Although he has been in the Empire since ECC8.

Finally the hate is so bad, when you look at it, I did not even pay ricky off to join the Empire, he joined on his own merit based on what he heard about the Empire from me. That is why the Empire is obligated to help it’s people, because they help rep back. East coast is young at getting use to unity, however in time we will get that shit down pack. It will happen because Empire is going to be the entire east and more, until we are done with our goal. As for that question with the Marvel 5 on 5, the answer is no. I am no good in that game. That is why I don’t talk smack about it. I just cheer on like a fucking cheerleader. However I am going to get invovled in the fighting circuit, because I felt very helpless watching my soldiers fight and not being able to help but to sit there and cheer like a little bitch. Regardless of that though, Empire represented when it mattered, because we fell apart as a team in the team tournament proving west coast was stronger as a team. But in the end we came together as an EMPIRE and beat the West. Hold that shit.

PS: For everyone to understand what I meant by that, there was some turmoil before the team tournament between myself and X, X wanted to represent G Unit and himself as the Icon with Josh, while Ricky and Marvelous represented Empire and Mix up was left out of the circle because of me. That is because I thought Mixup just wanted to join to use the Empire. However after speaking to him directly before he even went to play I now understand that he geniunely wanted to be in the Empire and I told him that I understood him. However we still fucked up because X reped G Unit with Josh and left his Empire shirt on the floor, and that is what fucked up our team chemistry. Point is what happened on our team don’t mean shit because West coast was more of a team than we were. You had to see that shit. Mother fuckers were unstopable. They had everything in gear and because of that, they fucked us up. After that night was done, I saw X the next day with Matrix and I had both of there shirts and I asked X are you EMPIRE? They both took there shirt, and the rest you guys know. I know I make this shit so dramatic, but that is what happened, ask Arturo, or Marvleous. They were there too. Until then.


~Born to Play~

Oh…one more thing. Mix up welcome aboard. Send me your address in a PM. I am going to send you your uniform. Also let me know when you are coming to China town next time so that we can talk. Until then.



TFGM will the empire be getting a 5 vs 5 rematch at IMPACT???