MVC2, Tekken DR, Soul Calibur 4 tourny on Saturday September 13 at LLoyd center Tilt

Sign up are at 12 noon, Tourny begins at 2pm.

All games are 5 dollar entry fee!

1st 60%
2nd 30%
3rd 10%

of entry fees for all games.

MVC, Tekken DR and possible SC4 tourny depending on how we get the xbox to work with the cabinets, will keep you updated.

Soulcalibur 4 rules will be random stage select only and setting up buttons should be ok unless everyone has a problem with it affecting gameplay.
You guys will most likely need to bring your xbox 360 sticks if you gonna play cuzz we’re not supplying them, just the xbox. not sure if we’re suppplying the game too but anyone is welcome to bring their copy if we can get it to work.

anyone wanna help run a game they are welcome, either way the clipboard always gets passed around so whateva…

input, suggestions??? Im all ears.

Looks like Soul calibur 4 is happening people!!!


xbox will be supplied people will just need to bring their stick. but if there is a preference then people are welcome to bring their ps3 to use instead of the Xbox for SC4. Also if anyone has a copy of SC4 they could lend out for the tourny that’d be great. poof!

and no… 3rd stirke?

The sticks on 3rd strike are 6 realms of fucked up anyway.

oh well, hey i found out that i’m quite possibly the worst sc4 player on the planet but maybe i’ll enter anyway >.> for tekken and mvc2 that is lol

yea i heard about the sticks not workin so well so i didnt wanna risk it in a tourny

hey is this an arcade tournament if so how are the marvel vs capcom 2 sticks??

is this you Rat? If so then I’m goin.

Yo wasup ratt, yea the mvc2 is arcade cabinet along with tekken DR , The sticks are decent to do fast fly combos and stuff, pretty much same as before we got perfect 360s in them so i dont know. Soul calibur 4 is gonna be xbox 360 hooked up to one of the monitors. As far as the soul calibur tourny all characters are fine except custom characters. I’m not banning any characters yet for experimental purposes.

Friday night gaming at my house before the tourny. Holla!!

That MVC3 machine is perfect.

PHOONNNGGGHSAACKKKKK, You got this Tekken tourny, right??? I’m going to be screaming out words of encouragement in Laos while you show people that cheap stuff with Steve.

Yo if you take marvel then I’ll take tekken :slight_smile:

Na I’m not entering. I’ll little the minor league playas get the W this time.

it might be to late
but hu, you should trow in some 2d games from the back phong.
i dont know maybe some marvel superheroes vs street fighters
or marvel vs capcom.

i’m trying to play some tekken at our work today
pull through if you can.

MVC2 isnt a 2D game!?!?!?!?!

then what is it?

no one said MVC “2” at all, did you see a 2 at all up there??

but yes, all the marvel vs capcom series are 2d fighthing games fam.
unless they release a new series with 3d sprites, but
at the moment mvc is a 2d sprite game including MVC “2”.
sorry to dissapoint you.

You are 6 realms of retarded. it was a question in sarcasm. which you failed on. Irregardless, stop asking about old ass games on old broken down cabinets nobody gives a fuck about for tournament play. even worse, when does TIlt allow more then 3 games for a tournament anyway.

this guy…:amazed:
commin here asking a retarted question
when you should know most figthing games
are 2d…besides i’m not here to argue with
you about whats 2d and whats not…
simply for you to ask a stupid sarcasm question
(which wasn’t)
is beyond stupid.
and yes i did fail, and i’m glad i didn’t fail on making
you feel stupid.
and tilt possibly allows more then 3 games per tourney
all you have to do is ASK, so don’t come here
telling me what TILT allows and what it doesn’t.
so now that i’ve stated my self.
dont ruin the rest of the topic for the rest of the folks.

You are fucking retarded, never has tilt had more then 3 tourneys and having 3 is stretching it by junior’s standard… but i guess you think you know b/c you have ran how many tourney’s there??? yeah i fuckin thought so, dumb shit.

As much as I like playing MvC1 and MSHvSF while on breaks for score attack purposes, they’re not exactly games to run tournaments on nowadays. If people were playing those tourney-seriously, we’d be bringing back double War Machine and crazed Wolverine infinites and nobody really wants to go there.