MVC2, Tekken DR, Soul Calibur 4 tourny on Saturday September 13 at LLoyd center Tilt

did i say tilt could have 3 tourneys…
hmm, i believe i said ASKING could possibly
open up 3 tourneys…this guy.
learn how to read.
i know your mad and all but chill the fuk out homeboy.
nough said.
no one came here posting bs with an attitude but
apparently you took it to that level.
but hu,
go head and post more bs…be my guess and make your
self look more stupid then what you all ready made your
self look like.
hahah…and yes im laughing at your post.
i’m done here…

Be done from the scene you bum. You asked questions I and EVERYBODY ELSE had answers too. Your pathetic. What you gonna request Next, A Battle Arena Toshendin tournament.

perfect sticks huh? sounds tempting. i really want to play so if i dont go out friday night i’ll probably be there.

yea ill probably be there around 6 ish…

So, how’d that go?


Rattana (storm/sent/com)
Samb (santhrax)
phongsack (santhras
antione (MSC)
brian j (Santhrax)


Kenji (Lili)
Dennis Dillion (everyone)
Fernando (Lei, Devil Jin
Phongsack (Lili, Bryan Fury)

Soul Calibur 4

Ray (Taki)
phongsack (algol)
Thomas (Mitsurugi)
Jetay (Taki)

I’m winning SC4 at ground control next weekend muahahha!!

Nope, Algol is banned! hahahah


Wow Mr.Rat beasting. Good shit.

I heard you guys are getting Tekken 6. Is this true? If so, we should make a petition to the White House in order to combine Seattle, Portland, and all the areas in between and form one city by the name of Porttle or Seatland. That way we can both have T6 and SFIV in the same city! How great would that be?!

That sounds like the future!

yeap yeap tekken 6 coming out way soon, cant wait. 2 weeks I hear. woot!

just thought it might be of interest to some to know that winners finals was Sam vs Ratatat and it went Samb 3-0 w/ team SSCC vs Rat’s I don’t know what. 1st set of GF was 4-3 Rat and second set I forgot what Sam said. Apparently Sam wanted some variety and therefore didn’t want to play SSCC again and wound up losing some matches with MSS. I think this is the 3rd tourney in a row that Sam and Rat have played where Rat comes back from the underdog position and stomps his way through with SSCyc to a win. Good stuff to both.

2 weeks real talk?
i thought we had to wait for awhile.
turns out we did get plenty of request then