MVC2 @ The Cointech - DFW, TX

MVC2 Tournament @ The Cointech

I know its short notice, but what the hell plus im going to hold another tournament somewhere in the next 2 months with more games.

When- October 20th, 2007 registration @ 3:00pm, Tournament starts @ 4:00pm

Where- Six Flags mall
2911 E. Division St. Suite 350
Arlington, TX 76011 (in the game room)

What- Marvel Vs Capcom 2- Mvc2 will be played on ARCADE!!! so no need to bring sticks.

How Much- $5 per person

be there… or be trash.

i hope im not trash.

wtf scrap it dude, just bring your ass to johnnys and hold it there. infact hold it on oct. 18, ill be in town


am down…

can’t i work all damn week plus half of saturday.

if you hold it, noone will come only dallas peeps. which isnt much.

im gonna go ahead and say this wont happen.

nah, imma still hold it, even though if no one shows up, i dont have anything to lose if it doesnt happens.

i guess i can visit you fools. <3