MvC2: The name is Gambit! Remember it!

MvC2: “The name is Gambit! Remember it!”


Alrighty then! What the hell? No real threads on the Raging Cajun

Gambit general strategies:

Don’t Glitch…:evil:

Don’t focus on Launching…Gambit has really nice, powerful ground combos…

Concentrate on crossing up by doing a ground combo (if blocked) that ends with cr…FK+some assist and doing a wall jump with kicks…(charge D, U Lk or FK)

Always jump in with FP (extremely good priority) followed by FK in the air…(try Fp then landing and throwing after other player gets used to this :smiley: )

Not neccessary but, think about having an assist that allows Gambit to combo card super…
For ex: with Commando anti air… lk,lk,FK+assist XX card super…very damaging
With Commando you can also do a trick card after the FK+assist and continue from there (flashy looking) and do a kinetic card and then launch or kick super…

Use the kick super as follows:
Don’t do it randomly against characters who can hit you out of it before you get to the wall…
Use it when opponent is superjumping to go to the other side and chip…don’t do when opponent is regular jumping…
Use it after any ground series that ends with a meaty attack…(like fk or cajun strike)

Or do it after a kinetic card or trick card…
Or do it after assists hits…
Simply put…when opponent is in block stun or jumping
This way you will reach the wall without being hit out of it…

Gambit has good air grab priority (not extremely good, but better than average)

Use the trick card to keep Sentinel/others out of the air…

Bacause of his kick super, Gambit keeps Im and Wm from throwing smart bombs…

His kick super does a lot of chip damage (especially if character stays on the ground)

Standard combo lk,lk,fk, dp+lp

Use the reach of the lp cajun strike to your advantage…nearly unpunishable move…

After throw with Fp (anwhere on screen except if Gambit’s back is against edge of screen) can dash in and otg with cr lk…Fp or cr lk…cajun strike or whatever…

Against assists…if assist is about 3/4 screen or less away…you can dash in Fp…which makes them slam into a wall…you can cancel the Fp into card super for major damage or throw a lp kinetic card to hit assist…This strategy is very handy…believe it or not…

Use gambit to frame kill super cancel into the card super which is extremely quick…

I’m not sure, but I believe that Gambits super does the same damage to all characters…regardless of their stats

More in depth strategies later…

I have a really scary attack sequence with Gambit and another character…but I don’t want to give it away… Well, maybe later…


I play this very rarely in the arcade, but i like to pick gambit for my team although my over stats with him kind a suck. I pick gambit on point, doom , and cable. All i do is call doom assist, jump straight up and keep throwing kinetic cards. It kind of works if u can stay away, but again, i’m not a big fan of mvc2. I am a cvs2 fanatic.

you can cancel his royal flush even during his leet pose at the end… his projectile assist is powerful… his hk throw can get him hurt even though its fun to mash…

I really suck at playing Gambit but I hear people like Dasrik say he can be really good on point. I’d really like to hear more Gambit strats too.

I do: S. Jab punch + call Sent drones, S. Short kick, S. Strong punch, S. Forward kick, S. Fierce punch, drones hit and juggle opponent xx Fierce Kinetic Card xx Royal Flush. Or just go straight into the Royal Flush. DHC out to Sent’s HSF for good damage and the potential for landing Sent’s air combo after.

I used to play around with using Gambit like a ghetto Strider… get the opponent to block something then call Doom and Cajun Strike behind opponent. Didn’t work out too well… :frowning:

I remember an old post of Viscant’s where he says Gambit/ Morrigan/ Cyke is an awesome team. Basically concentrate on landing the DHC of Death: Royal Flush xx Soul Eraser xx Mega Optic Blast = dead opponent. With Gambit: C. Short kick + call Cyke AAA, C. Forward kick, Cyke hits, Fierce Trick Card, Jab Trick Card, Fierce Kinetic Card, Jab Kinetic Card xx Royal Flush, then go into DHC of Death.

Gambit’s got some good priority compared to a lot of characters. AC isn’t a thing for Gambit, but if you get one, it’s quick easy dmg.

Doom seem to be one of gambit’s best assists. You can pull 2+ kinetic cards all during doom’s assist. If one of doom’s rocks hit, you can pull the Kick Super if you’re fast enough… but it’s hard. I’ve done it a few times, but you have to basically bet on whether you hit or not.

And rh Grab… mash like hell!

got hella bored and tried gumbo, with mags and psy well more with psy

got a combo, doesnt involve super but takes off around 50-60 percent of cable’s life

jump in hk- dash-lp,lp (call psy aaa) hk( aaa hits) do a trick card (downback punch, i believe not sure about the name though) right before opp. hits the ground, dash in, cr. lk, cr. hp, lp, lp, hk throw

pretty much it… and yeah its unrollable if u time it right, sort of like mags, instead of launching him after psy, u do a trick card for more damage, im sure u all know this, the assist hits after the hk but you have to call the assist after the second lk, shorter version is that u dont do the hk and the trick card, i only did 2 lps because i tried doing the magic series lp , lk, lp then throw, but opp goes to far, so i just put two lps then throw,i never tried combos with gumbo, hell i barely play the cajun, are there any uses for his d charge up and kick or punch move?cuz im thinking it looks kind of predictable that your about to land on em, and could eat aaa from the opp.

Gambit is great!

I use him with Sent(ground) and Cable(AAA). I usually put him on point, or last. Either him or Sent. go first. His proj. assist is amazing! With Sent: j.lp+Gambit, j.lp, asist hits, launch… you have to do the j.lp, j.lp slow enough to let the assist hit. I’m not sure, but I think if you go j.lp+Gambit, j.lp fast enough, you can get in a lp rocketpunch before gambit catches them.
With Cable,, lk+Gambit, mk, hk xx timeflip… This is too fun + flashy and powerful if you know timeflip well.

With Gambit on point, he has alot of good tricks. That combo EEK posted with Cyke can work with Cable as well, but it’s alot tougher. Another good, easy trick is to call drones and do a qcf+kk HC over their head. Good chip, but more importantly, it will actually connect a good percentage of the time. If you’ve done this enough, you can cajun strike overhead and bounce to the other wall for some confusion.

Although I love this team, I don’t play it often enough to have become an expert with Gambit. But hey, if you’re ever tired of playing or someone just pisses you off, just start with qcf+A2, d>u+hk, and walk away from the console smiling:)

try using the cajun strike rushdown. Cajun strike, land, c lk, c mk, c rk, call assist, repeat. The possibilities are endless. It’s very effective particularly if you have Sentinel ground backing you up. Don’t get too predictable though…

At which hit of the fierce Cajun Slash do you cancel into the Royal Flush?

You can’t combo of a fierce cajun slash, unless it’s the last hit and that hit is rollable…and isn’t worth it most of the time…plus timing is very critical…:cool:

The Cajun Strike rushdown reminds me of XvSF and his glory days with the Cajun Strike rushdown and the huge priority of his staff. Sadly, Cajun Strike has lag now and the staff is being overshadowed by better stuff like the stomps of Sentinel.

btw, anyone knows how much lag the LP Cajun Strike has in MvC2 compared to XvSF?

The lag is good enough to be safe if spaced right most of the time.

Gambit’s assist is fucking crazy, especially since he always appears in the back.

we are talking about the projectile assist right? If so, I think its one of the better projectile assists out there.

Best offensive strategy with Gambit…

Jumping FP,Fk…land…hold down lk…lk…fk+assist…up-forward+lk…

Gambit jumps to the other side of the screen and does the kick thing… This is the safest way to attack with your assist since gambit ends up on the other side of the screen which keeps your assist relatively safe from being hit…

Best assist for this strategy…

??? Hehe (can anyone guess?) Clue: It makes blocking extremely difficult…:lol: :lol:

Strider + Gambit Projectile Assist = Turtle Raping

Anyway, I usually use Gambit/Strider/Doom. Do a RK throw in the corner, then call doom since they can’t roll out of it, then repeat.

You can also combo Royal Flush immediately after a cr FK, but it must be done very fast, & opponents may be able to roll out of it…
Also, Spiral’s ground assist is good, with Remy

You can lp,lk,lp,lk, Sprial assist(6-hits), dash & repeat, and/or end with Royal flush.

I posted this when I found out like 3 years ago, but I don’t think anyone looked: Try doing lp,lk,lp,lk,fdf+hp+lk, Royal Flush.
(R.F. can be rolled out of, & if it does hit, it’s usually like only 15% of it…)

The MVC1 hp Cajun strike has returned! (fdf+lk+hp)

Sorry, if you guys do remember me stating that already…

Wow, it’s kewl to see some others who use/like Remy!

MvC2: “The name is Gambit! Remember it!”

Not if they have unfly… And most likely an IM or WM player would call an assist, then SJ, then throw the smart bombs.

Gambit’s cool anyway. Gambit + Anarkis throw assist = coolness.

jump in (they can block it) lk + call Anarkis, +lk, hk… kick super. Just keep them blocking high, cause Anarkis assist is unblockabe, and has weird range.

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U dont play wid anarkis…whore!!!:mad: :lol:

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Ha… I don’t play wit Anarkis when you around…

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cuz u kno i’ll own him for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:lol:
We still goin upstate right:D