MvC2 to MvC3 Changes?

I currently own MvC2 on the PS3 as a download. I haven’t got to in depth with the game, but I do enjoy it when I’m playing casually. Looking at MvC3 this game looks to awesome to describe and I want to get in the competitive level with that game once it releases. So I was wondering, does MvC3 so far have the same mechanics as MvC2? I see a lot of similar things in MvC3 but is it a good idea to learn all of the MvC2 mechanics then go to MvC3? or to start MvC3 fresh learning from the top? I wouldn’t mind doing either, just wanted to know if it’s better to have a deep experience with MvC2.

Sort of… Marvel 3 will have some of the basics of Marvel 2 but will most likely play like a completely different game. I guess you could always use Marvel 2 to train your reaction time, just pick the top tiers and read guides for them at eventhubs.

I think you should hone your skills in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters. If you can master that game, you’re ready for anything.

No one really knows.

Check the marvel 3 forum.