MVC2 Top State #4 Team Tournie!

so is this shit gunna go down or what?

i mean we have the highest of tiers already (cali, ny, seattle)… but people wanna know who comes in next… Florida, Az, Texas, Chicago and Hawaii…

There was a team tournie that was spoken of to determine this, but no one has mentioned squat anymore…

is it gunna happen or not? does anyone care?

feedback people!!!

and if yall do wanna do this… when and where?


Vegas! i mean… Im a idiot!

lmao ruin thats teh best av ever

I say we go to a strip club. First team that has a member that busts in his pants from a lapdance wins.


organize that shit, i’m just showing up:o

do it at evo

and console warriors are going to shit on this one

Double post…

i think this tourney would be tight with 5 member teams, and 2 out of 3’s instead of one game…

maybe match up the teams, double elimination…

would be too serious:eek:


Chicago is in. Should there be an entry fee of sort? Like 10 dollars per person. 1 game and every team plays against each other or like mixup said match teams up for 2/3 double elim?

seems good… but think about how long it would take… i’d say 4 members and RR that shit…

noise… entry fee would be even more incentive… now if only we could get the winner of this ta take the wildcard spot on the evo2k4 mvc2 challenge… arent they lackin a 4th?

feedback people!!!

team tourney state vs. state, yes!

AZ is gonna take it!!!

i dont care how, but its a great idea :smiley: entry fee is a must too! :stuck_out_tongue:


you owe me blue balls :smiley:

i owe you or i give you? :slight_smile:

Arizona win it… hah, yeah right. We have Chris Chou :slight_smile: Megaman/Cable/Tron > AZ :smiley:

Anyway, yeah, this sounds badass. TEXAS! :smiley:


We’ll see about that :slight_smile: See you in the finals! :smiley:

Oh yeah, I also think round robin would be more fair. If we do 2/3, standard team tournament style, I think that’s more likely to favor whichever state has the best player… not which state is best overall. After all, I think that’s what we’re trying to prove, isn’t it? :slight_smile: (Sorry Mixup. I’m not letting you win THAT easily :smiley: )

wtf lol
my homies gonna do all the beasting, im doin a reverse soo:p

Good, then you should have no objection to round robin :slight_smile:

What do the rest of you guys think? Round robin, or stay on the machine?

i’d say RR so everyone gets ta play everyone once. and from there u can see who is better overall. not just based on one player but as a state/team/whatever…


gunna happen or no?

I don’t think anyone’s backin out

maybe the change in format to the team tourney at evo has something to do with it…