MvC2 TOP TIER LEAGUE starts monday 28th!


wha really? why would you enter a tourney with that kinda setup (though there’s nothing on the line). I personally wouldn’t let anyone with such a setup join the tourney if I were running it.

also, it’s really not hard to hook up a cable. you change 1 simple setting and much better games for the people who have to play against you. other people using the internet is bad enough…but also on wireless? :[


Ibarakiorefect ? sent to losers
Renique ? sent to losers
G1park82 ? bye

Cronoxten vs Ibarakiorefect
Rikkulouis vs. renique45
Tio_cruzito vs. solo_black_guy



Yo Ibarakiorefect I’ll be on tonight around midnight PST…don’t know if your WC but if that dosen’t work for you then I can get on tomorrow before 1pm so let me know what works better for you.


I won vs solo black guy ggs bro sorry I had to split but i gotta go to the movies.


np man we will see each other again in the finals he won 3-0. Hey doesn’t that automatically put me in the top 3?


FUCK. Sorry to both the guys I was supposed to play. Still love to get some games in even if I missed the deadline.

Also thanks for owning my ass BrokenGolom. I just couldn’t do shit lol.


to ibarakiprefect, lol man i was in my zone that time we played. I surprised myself for evading with such luck haha! GG’s man.


when is next time i can get in this yo…



Rikkulouis ? bye (flipped a coin)

Renique35 vs. cronoxten

Winer plays Solo_black_guy (losers finals)

And the winer plays

Tio_cruzito (Grand final)

My job here is Done. See ya after EVO.


get this shit done and who ever wins hit me up sometime before 11 pm pacific time if not im not going to be able to play till after evo, cuz im leaving tomorrow morning.


Well the way this is setup the winner of the losers bracket would actually have to beat tio twice because he never lost yet and should not be punished for not losing.

Whoever does win the tourney I wanna play just to see where I stand for now


Once some personal things get settled I’ll participate in next tourney for sure. Just wasn’t feeling very marvel-ish this time.


Hey rokzztar when’s the next mvc2 tourney?
sign me up.


Hey that renique match going to roll or what or is this tourney already over


ummm what happened here… was only that the hype for the TT league ??? come’n!


Lets go wit a new tourny!! I say start over and lets get this goin fellas!!


I would also be interested


So ppl still interested in this or wut?


Im interested but I think last one it went south cuz there were to many people who dont post on here in the tourney, and you would send them a message and they would never reply. Im still in grand finals waiting for my opponent.


yo this guy sent me QQ messages about how i was cheap for using clock/duc teams. i dont even take this shit serious.