MvC2 Tournament, Cherry Point, NC [Marine Corps AS]


MvC2 Tournament, Cherry Point, NC [Marine Corps Air Station] 12/5/02


Good turnout! More people entered than was expected. I first would like to apologize about the lack of people due to ‘field-day’ for the Marines that live at the barracks which goes every Thursday, but then again, I didn’t pick the day. 1st and 2nd place trophies will be mailed out as soon the manager gets the addresses. Wow, I mean trophies! Big ones too! You couldn’t beat being anywhere else tonight. Free games, pizza, and a trophy! Anyway… here’s the list:

1st Matt Frank Giefrules
2nd Matt Rogers Sep
3rd Diego Padron Drego
4th Rodolfo Camarena RoTeNdO ~ I was robbed!!
5th John Weatherly 5th Place Masta
5th Marlon Datu
7th William Echavarria
7th Josh Diemler
9th Emily Taylor Mrs. Matt Rogers to be
9th James Bethea Jr.
9th Alejandro Camarena RoTeNdO Jr. ~Cuteness wins! Of course he didn’t play! He’s only 1yrs old, we had an extra trophy :smiley:

Congrats to all. Sorry about the short notice to some, but I didn’t have anything to do with that either. :smiley:


gief! representin

next time i go down to morehead city ill look you up rotend


He’s lucky I didn’t play him!:smiley: j/k He would have owned me with his Spiral or Mag/Psy teams :lol:

Sure thing Psycho G.