Mvc2 Tournament In H.p 10/12/02 Results

  1. Jose Garcia
  2. Jaime
    4.Osvaldo Orozco

Great tournament, Jose g. still’s holds his spot as h.p. number one player.:cool:


How many people enter the tournament?:smiley:


Unfortunately, I’m still not registered on Apex. I guess I’ll have to wait several more weeks until I’m able to put the results up. Hopefully by the next H.P. tourney I’ll be registered onto Apex.

Ill try to show up to the next H.P. tourney, M.A.G.


ty AZER.

congratulations to Jose Garcia again!!!


Give me the complete results and I’ll get them up on APEX for you guys…


I don’t have the complete results. Perhaps M.A.G. or someone else from H.P. has the bracket.

I appreciate your help, though. :slight_smile:


ty SIN:) i’ll aks MAG about the bracket.