MvC2 Tournament- Miami

Hey guys,

I’m new to the forums so if I am posting in the wrong thread I apoloagize.

There is a MvC2 Tournament Tomorrow May 4th. Sorry for the late post, But it seems my previous post got deleted.

P.S. We are new at running widespread tournaments. We want to get a steady gamers base and hope to run more tournaments like SF: 3rd Strike, CvS2, Ect. So any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

6731 Main St.
Miami Lakes,FL 33014

Sunday May 4th 1:00PM

20$ Registration
Late registrations (After 12:30PM) add 10$


Best 2 out of 3
Finals and Grand Finals Best 3 out of 5
No game freezing glitches (Gambit glich ect.)
All infinites and gaurd Breaks, ect aloud (Of course =D )
This will be played on Dreamcast.

We want to do Double Elimination. However we will need additional Dreamcast in order to run a double elim. tourny in a timely fashion.

So if we get atleast 2 more Dreamcast it will be double Elim. Otherwise we will be forced to do single elim (-_- Hopefully we can get some more Dreamcasts.)

If you have any questions feel free to call us at the store:

PHONE: 305 362 7529

Ya, because your new, Your are in the wrong Spot but that cool but, 20 dollars for a Tournament and 30 if your late if your trying to make a profit throwing a tournament thats not the way to start it off, but thats just me… and are you going to do any side tournys at all and are there any casual play going on

lol no ones gonna show up to a tourney with $20 entry fee

this aint evo

Carlos, where you been?


Yea sorry but 20 dollars???

Peter get that Free $$$ yo.