MvC2 Tourney and MM ~ ATL

Hosting tourneys @ Peachtree Cinema & Games (Norcross, GA) on a monthly basis for MvC2, CvS2, & 3rd Strike. No entry fee. Cash prizes. Money matches welcome by management. Next tourney is April 22nd @ 1:00 for MvC2. 2x elimination, random draw for bracket placement.

Just so it is known, im game teching at this location so there is no need to worry about stick, button problems etc. as it will all be handled pre-tournament. We had good turnout last time, as many of the better Atl. marvel players showed up to throw down a few months back. The main reason for this post is to get some of the more elusive ppl to come out of the woodwork and get up here. (Justin of Carrol, Fred, 50morecentz…cough) You guys need to get up here and take part in some seriously good comp. & a chance to walk out with some loot.

The arcade is located at Peachtree Parkway & Holcomb Bridge, you can get there from the Jimmy Carter exit off 85, or the 141 exit off 285. For more intensive directions you can call me at (770) 895-0352. Ill be hosting and running the brackets if you have any questions.