MvC2 tourney series ATL


So, um… I dont know whats going on. No one showed up to the first tourney, and im pretty sure VGP just chickened out. Not blaming the 20 some odd ppl. who said they would be there, but it may not work out. Ill keep everyone posted as soon as I get in touch with them. >.<

Hosting a tourney series; once a month for at least 3 months, at the Video Game Palace in Norcross, GA. There will be a $20 entry fee, and the tourney will be run on double elimination. The first tourney is gonna be May 12th @ 2:00pm. Winner receives 70% of the pot with runner up catching the rest. If you are interested in entering, or have any questions, hit me up @ 770-895-0352 (24/7), i’m trying to get an idea of the # of participants.

You can get to the VGP from I-285 off 141, or from I-85 off the Jimmy Carter Blvd. exit. It is located at the intersection of Holcomb Bridge & Crooked Creek. Hit me up if you need more intensive directions.

Yo Risuno, you teach me to play MvC2 and I’ll be there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wicked Magneto, btw.

         - Derek

$20 is a pretty heavy entry fee for a tourney unless part of that is going towards the venue. Is this pay as you play? Not that this really matters to me seeing as how this falls on my graduation day, dammit.

It’ll be a console tourney, so, nope, not pay-as-you-play :] (sorry if i misunderstood though). And, if it falls on your graduation day, you could always make it to the next one, haha.

Hey, Zach, what console is this on? DC? If it’s on DC, I might be out of luck, cause my stick is xbox/ps2 only and the two-way thing on it screws up converters…

Why 20 bucks to entry fee… oh well, if i get the day off i’ll come in win the weak as tourment:rofl: I’m just on a better level than the arcade is:rofl: Who won the last tourment, Max lol or Mr. Moore lol what a noob:rofl: …:looney:

:rofl: ^^^^:rofl:

20 is a grip, but i dont see why i wouldn’t ride out there:sweat:

No fair, you two should be excluded from competing in the first few, so you can give us other people better chances at actually placing top 3, :lol:

:rofl: I didnt go to the last one…:rofl: That was Clint aka EWDF… Last tourment i went 2 was final Round:sad:

clint went 3-0 on me in loser’s finals :sweat:

Eddie! I’m Derek, the new guy who you whooped up on at MvC2. You later explained to me that fierce punch and kick are now tag butons. :sweat:

Assist buttons* (used to call in your second or third character to do something in order to assist)

It was funny watching you press the fp and rh buttons with no attack coming out excep more characters flying around the screen. :lol:

Any chance you’ll be up there on Friday?

:rofl: Clint sucks in MvC2:rofl:

I suck beyond comprehension:looney:

That’s why you should all just come and WATCH, which’ll guarantee me something NOT last place :rofl:

The reason there’s a $20 entry fee is so the pot will be big. A small amount may go towards the venue but the first place should be at least $300, if I get at least 20 people, hopefully more. If we get two Dreamcast sticks, we’ll run it on DC. As of now, I have a PS stick and Eddie has a PS stick, so it looks like PS. Unless anyone wants to use DC controllers like last time. :rofl:

Yeah, I was like “Cable! Cable what are you doing!?”

I’ve been watching videos though, so expect me to bring the pain. (or not)

I’m doing my best to be up there tommorrow.

Well, do you have a PS2 copy of Marvel? They had it last time, but someone had brought it, so I’m clueless as if they’ll have it or not, but I assume so?

And, I’m not definite on going. I work on Saturdays, and, due to a new schedule, working on Saturdays for me is even MORE important than before. I don’t want to like, not be able to go, and for you to expect me to bring my stick, haha. I’m sure Max, Joe, or etc etc will be able to bring one?

Yeah, watching videos is a good way to see what happens when specific things happen. Above all else, just playing the game will make you get used to it quick. See you Friday if you go.

:rofl: PS2 MvC2 is not the Arcade Marvel :rofl: magneto inf. is slower:rofl: and iron man inf. is faster:rofl: Dreamcast is perfect…:rofl: or just play on the arcade…

yeah dreamcast would be the best bet. You can get converters for controllers ps to dreamcast and vise-versa. Also, It’s good for the real good players to enter the tournament because that is the quickest way for you to improve. Going against top competition teaches you what does work and what does not and how to better your offense/defence and mental game. The more you go against real good playes and learn from them, the faster you’ll progress and place higher.

Your so right…:lovin:

Eddie, your Sentinel/Strider/Doom is ridiculous.

That is all.