MvC2 tourney series ATL

Nah. I just recently picked it up, and it’s because too many people there dunno how to get out of a trap at all.

Thanks though.

Whats a good day to go to the arcade? Beside Friday!!!:wasted:

I would love to run it on dreamcast but we dont have dreamcast sticks. When i run a few tourneys here and they do good, I can prolly talk VGP into buying converters for the sticks we have. Until then, please bear with the PS2 version. You always say magneto sucks anyway joe. :rofl:

Yeah everyone try to show up, to encourage more tourneys at VGP. I’ll stop by, but I’m afraid I don’t have the funds atm to enter. :frowning:

I look forward to seeing some rad playing though.

What days are you open? Aside from high school, I’m free a bunch.

Plus, by the end of the month, I’m out of the summer. That is…if you’d even welcome my company :rofl:

Did you find someone else to bring a stick?

I’m in the same boat as you, Eddie. We should get together to practice sometime.
You have AIM or anything?

AIM: OMGu8myRice8462

I’d suppose you’re more interested in 3s than Marvel though?

i got 20 bucks on max fuckin moore

Whats good son? Jason hold it down and keep up the good work in NYC:lovin:

holy crap…marvel ghost:wgrin:

man jason, me and joe lonely down here since ya left mvc2 wise…

anyways, i was wondering if somebody could post directions on how to get to this place…or an address at least =)

Surprisingly, I’ve been there twice, yet I still can’t give directions.

I’m sure Zach’ll post something up soon, but I know that it’s barely a 3 minute drive from Peachtree Cinemas (Flippers) to the Video Game Palace.

haha yeah cant wait to see yall fellas…coming to ecc? i hope i can make it…who’s ATL CPU…is that joe now? anyhow keepin tearn it up down there max n joe…mvc2 OG’s :lovin: lol

u alreadi know its mr joe :rofl:


I was just down there and something is wrong with the 3S machine, which is the only game I play. Looks like I’m screwed. Someone has to teach me MvC2 now. :frowning:

Thanks for being cool and giving me some pointers, I had a blast!
Have fun at the tourney tomorrow.

  • Victor

Hey ladies, I need a 3S tournament STAT!

Tournament pushed back to a later date.

I heard. Something about the machine, right? Well damn.

hey if yall doin tournament i dont mind gettin in on some of these to start gettin better again. whens the next one?

Good luck at the next tournment pimp hold marvel down peace.