MvC2 Tourny Teams

I’m working a couple teams for a (possible) tourney in wilmington,nc for MvC2. we got about 50 or more people in my area i think.So far I cooked up about 4 teams two of which I think are pretty good.

Team One
Black Launcha:


Team Two
Vut Ze Fuk(What The Fuk):

Strider Hiryu(beta),Roll<<<-----the wtf factor(gamma),Juggernaut(beta,Powerup then tag out for powered assists.)

Team Three
Bon Appetite Nigga:


Team Four
Da KKKillin’ Fools:

Ken(alpha),Captain Commando(alpha),Storm(alpha)

Now I tested these teams against some folks who were experienced at the game on DC cuz we don’t have any cabinets around so I bring mine any day i come to the mall, also I just want to know how well these teams would fare in your local meta.

Im not gonna lie.

Using those teams in your area may be perfectly acceptable in a tourney situation.

But down here, aside from the possibility of having best gambit ever and running team 3, I think you would have problems with basic team chemistry.

By this I mean, solid anti-air to protect from rush, and safe DHC’s on block in case you’re getting stomped.

Aside from that, what are you doing for basic damage combos with those teams at match start. Im just curious.

all 4 teams fit under an umbrella and on that umbrella says ‘the wtf factor’ all around the top of it.

plz read a single thread about team chemistry.

You could have searched: