MvC2: Trap Breaking?

I did a search and didn’t find an answer to the following question. I apologize if it’s been asked before - I have to believe it has. What are some tactics for breaking a sentinel blackheart trap? Additionally, what happens if the team also has Capcom?What Characters work well and what type of assists should be used?

Are there any fundamental strategies for dealing with traps? Like… using a beam assist?

Thanks for your help:D

there’s a point in the sent/bh trap where u can wavedash, or ahvb…if that’s the one i’m thinking of…which trap exactly are u talking about?

in general, u can break traps by calling an assist to take some hits and then superjumping away/ahvb/hail watever

if they have capcom, you bait out their assist, then while they are recovering, you call out your AAA assist and punish that shit

or if you’re cable, bait them out, ahvb, just make sure the point character is blocking so they don’t sj and go behind you

assist or counter

i thought that there was a moment where you can just sj away from the BH-Sentinel trap?

Not saying this is the way out of the trap, but I’ve noticed that alpha countering is kinda always tossed out the window. One of the super traps that a friend showed me, I had no idea how to get out of, until I thought of alpha countering. It can get you out of a lot of things and not just by using cammy and going thru PC’s or AHVB’s.

It can also introduce you to a whole new world of hurt and a loss of the match…

lol…all of this is kinda duh. But I just thought it was interesting that most people never use alpha counters. At least, not where I come from.

IIRC, you can sj after the rocket punch after blackheart has been called.

Just as a general strategy, I try to super jump as much as possible, especially when I expect a lockdown/trap to start. Generally, most traps occur because you got caught on the ground. So don’t stay on the ground, unless you want to beat the trap with your assist. Super jump is your friend.


Thanks for the help - SJ is my friend

cable on point with storm’s variety assist. how do you get out without taking the hit from storm’s assist? :bluu:

Duck under the gunshots and switch out. It’ll hit Cable (unless he does a perfectly timed scimitar) and you’ll get a free combo.

But what if you’re playing with a big fat tin can (sentinel)?

Then…wait…why the hell was your Sentinel on the ground against Cable? Then you take the hit from the assist and get unfly, or else counter into the assist part if he’s got good lockdown.

My sentinel sucks so it happens sometimes.

Please don’t hate me!!!

When he calls out his blackheart/tin man use spiral because she takes skill so do you kno metomorphosis well do it before he calls the partner then teleport to the behind then grab fierce. I dont kno if this helps.

Metomorphosis:3 bars :mad: QCB PP Chips:D
Teleport to left :lol: QCB K hold lk
Grab with fierce

A trap only works if you blocking. The best way I get out of one is to look for the hit that takes the least amount of damage and take it.