MvC2 Tricks Of The Trade 100% Trailer

MvC2 Tricks Of The Trade 100% Trailer Now Up.


MvC2 Tricks Of The Trade 100% Trailer, is up on within a short while and all the videos will be posted up online but if you wish and with the recent requests and such I will be making a 3 DVD set with box and art also for all 3 Volumes.

The money that will be used for the Set will be partially be donated to for all the hardwork that has been done for videos pertaining Fighting games.

The Asking Price for the DVDs will be: $25.00 Plus $5.00 Shipping to Worldwide

You can pre-order these and pay through paypal @

and the release date will be during July - August 2007 and if you wish I will sign the Box but if you do not want the box signed you can request for it not too.

DVD cover will be up soon as well.:lovin:


This would be great for me.I’m trying to figure this game out.

So is this going to be a tutorial or what? Just curious what on it justifies the dvd set. I’d be really interested in buying a nice tutorial if part of the cost goes to cv.

Well it is a video that showcases many tricks and such that you can use in MvC2 & a bit entertaining as well. You can find some videos on to see what it’s about. :lovin:

Cool, I’ll definitely preorder the set in the near future.

cool~!!! that’s great to hear :lovin:

A lot of the vids are also hosted on

Nice trailer!

Gonna buy at set

hey DJ-b13 i have 2 ideas for tutorials/combo videos
1.) include subtitle files with combo transcripts being on the subtitles, and have it so that it follows the combo i.e the HK is red when you’re pressing HK.

2.)one of the most persistent questions in mvc2 is “how do you rom?” as well as “how do you fast fly” to alleviate this maybe you can have footage of your hands (in slow motion) performing the difficult shit
hand positioning stuff like high school typing programs haha

im just throwing this stuff out though
im buying that dvd for sure :smiley:

hey you just read my mind. Actually after this series. something like this will be made:lovin:

beastly vid. That cable rocket punch combo in the beginning is god like. combo, reset into ahvb dead character.


Anyway, make a Dhalsim vid!! haha

Good shit.

Makes me feel nostalgic.

  • Geronimo

imma have to grab myself a copy of this DJB! Good stuff <3

When you are about to release it I’ll order a set. I don’t want to pay a few months in advance.

It would be great if you made a Sent tutorial. Teaching people the ins and outs of his stomp rushdown/fastfly/unfly/unblockable would be very useful.

Loving your videos too :lovin: <3

of yes, ideas are nice to hear so I can apply them. Me & Magnetro should have something together soon too.

Nice trailer DJ-B. Glad to see that you are back at it :slight_smile:

Fucking :tup: