MvC2: tier?



MvC2: tron bonne…top tier?

i’ve been playing mvc2 for 2 years now. i’ve always thought tron was cool so i used her from the very beggining. i recently found out her projectile assist is really damaging and i think that she deserves the title of TOP TIER! IMO she is top tier on point unless you’re being cheaped out by cable (i hate cable he’s cheap). :frowning:

so what do all you think? her assist is just TOO GOOD! you gotta love tron she’s just the best! :cool: :slight_smile:

good tron teams: sent/magneto/tron

by the way, i can do the cyclops infinite and all different kinds of infinits and combos but i still have trouble doing magnetic tempest combos. why is that?


In my book tron will always be top tier, but she’s no where near that unfortunatly :(. I mean, her one on one matchups are horrible. She loses to cammy, magnus, gets raped by storm and sent, blackheart, doom, the only top tier she does somewhat decent against is cable.

When im playing tron, i like to play storm/cable/trom. If i wanna play tron first i’ll play tron/cable/storm cause if you dhc the lunch rush into cables hyper viper beam, the beam drags the opponent on the little servbot army for mucho damage :). With tron always remember to be chipping. If you have tron+doom anti-air assist you can chip for like 25% by doing drill+doom assist into kobun super.

Here are some combos for tron:

-s.lp s.lp(3-4 hits) xx lunch rush
-jump in lk(let it hit 2 times), c.hp, sj.lp, drill
-after a lunch rush do a tiger knee drill then grab your opponent, if they’ve never played a decent tron before they won’t tech the throw and you can go from there, c.hp, sj.lp, hits), sj.lp, pause(you dont wanna grab them here) sj.hp(if you dont grab your opponent, you’ll throw out trons jumping fierce which will cross them up on the way down :smiley: ).

If there’s anything else you need help with tron on just ask, she’s too good :).


Trons assist is good for Sent corner rushdown, IM infinite setups, stopping rushdown, beating out Capcom (assuming they are called next to each other.)


Top tier assist, not top tier character.


She’s great, but a bit laggy.

BTW, how does she beat Cable?


the only im infinite setup involving tron assist that i know is off of which can be rolled out of. do u know another one?



i think commando is a top tier but he isnt considered one on many lists!


just Projectile their ass. or jab, jab, super! that’s the way to go!


If I’m not mistaken her infinite (done in the corner) goes as such:

F, D, DF + P, FK, F, D, DF + P, FK.

Basically a shoryuken followed up by the rock throw, and so on. I’m not sure on it though.

I love Tronne. I’ve also used her since day one. Her FP is an excellent cross up move as well, really confuses the opposition when done right.

Also, take note that her FP drill does cancel/link into her lunch rush, but only in the corner. It has to be done at the moment when the player is sent hurdling backwards (when the body is parralell to the floor). If you try it anytime afterwards you will miss.

She’s a great tool against Ice Man lovers as well. Chip away!

Ha, I could talk about her all day.



tron assist is too buff.

storm/tron reset combos = numba one


She’s got great 2-in-one normals IMO. And don’t forget mashing the drill for 25 hits…I can’t get it, though.


MvC2: tron bonne…top tier?

Herm. You’re just now figuring that out? I think Tron is an interesting character, but not extremely awesome. She has some really long corner combos, a semi-infinite (if your opponent doesn’t mash out) and her j.FP is solid. Her moves are pretty laggy though,


aw man thank u guys u guys are awesome :smiley: tron bonne infinite! whoa! i have to try that it looks really hard!



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