New Marvel vs Capcom 2 social network/video stream network. Go to–> and create your new account. I will be adding new updates soon so Upload all the your mvc2 footage. Unlimited space so no worry’s…

What’s wrong with using our YT accounts

Nothing just something new. This is only for mvc2. Thats the difference!

New footage just uploaded!

Why is this in GD?

New update coming soon. Thank you 2 everyone who is supporting the mvc2 community!

Bump! What up everybody? Just checking to see how everyone likes the new network. I will have exclusive media screenings meaning the long awaited matches that everyone wants to see like Toan Vs Fanatiq 1 & 2. It will be viewed in the section for those who dont know, click on and it will be in that section. If you click on the light bulb, it will turn out the lights while watching videos. Nice little feature. An update to the website is coming soon so upload as much media as you want from pictures to tournaments to whatever mvc2 related media. The update will feature a new tournaments section and a Hall Of Mvc2 with all the top players in the world from usa to international with bios and tournament records. Another added addition to the website will feature Exclusive media night. This means at a certain time like how the movies do it, (For Ex: 4:00pm Showing/Toan vs Fanatiq 2 47,000$ The Runback Match 2) you can go view the media of your choice. These are matches that have never been seen before meaning not on youtube. I will be in and out of threads posting links to let you know whats coming soon. If anybody has anymore ideas or suggestions to help this network/community grow. Let me know asap. Thx =]

Exclusive sneak peak preview of Neo/Cali vs Texas/Rudy 2000$ MM-> [media=youtube]UwangITiFSo In order to see the full video, you must register an account at[/media] Let me know feedback. Enjoy!

Exclusive Showing! Reset/Cali vs Texas/Toan Winners Part 1-> [media=youtube]RNhCYXfx4aY In order to see Part 2, you must register an account at[/media] Part 2 will be uploaded. Enjoy

A bunch of people appreciate you pushing Mahvel but if you keep spamming you’re probably going to end up banned.

filler so OP can spam more. seriously cool site, much more convenient than youtube if all you’re looking for is mahvel.

To repeat what I said some months ago: Why is this in GD?