MvC2: Unfly Mode Explanation


Actually, I have no idea the exact properties of unfly mode, I only have a rough idea.

This was, of course, explained before, but since all the posts are gone along with the threads…I’m really curious to find out WHAT exactly unfly mode IS, and what’s it uses are in tournament play.

Can anyone field this question?


Yah, I don’t really get it too… I read some of the material on this, but got confused. If you get hit into the air, but activate flight b4 falling, you can go into unfly mode? …eh, b4 you answer that, what exactly is unfly mode? Something about being able to fly, cancel, fly, etc? (being able to do a command after canceling flight?) I thought I heard something like you jump, kick (using Sent as an example), then you can unfly? And jump or super jump? —HELP—


sup… go to the “article” section of shoryuken by clickin on the “articles” button on top of the webpage (located next to the “forums” button) and then scroll down the page to a link to “MvC2: Advanced Flying Tactics” located in the Strategy Articles section of the webpage… read that and your questions are answered


That article doesn’t explain everything involved with unfly.

I posted my own article here once explaining it in detail, but it is of course gone. :frowning:

I’ll have to rewrite it


yup, i remember that one. i printed it out and posted it on my wall :smiley:


Yeah, that was a good post. I remember asking if it had any relavence [I had no idea there was an article about it at the time] on Geekboy’s Sentinel tread, but I didn’t get an answer. I hope you post that again so I can read it again and hope to understand it better. :smiley:


Hi everybody, the forum is gone…that`s sad

The unfly mode for me is a weapon that have a lot of options, i never read Dasrik`s article but i think unfly iNVOLVES ALOT of offense, this can be done with commando aaa very well but you have to get in defense very often also cuz opponent may try to do a super or something like that

Only try to not normal jump

There`s a lot of sentinel users out there, ask Valle for more tips on this… he rocks !!!

Bye,here`s my two cents :slight_smile:


hmm unfly mode is attacking after you unfly after flying. Usually when you fly and unfly you can’t do any normal attacks in that state, but unfly mode will let you do any normal after you fly. You can get into unfly mode by any moves that knocks you away on your back like capcom’s aaa and cable’s throw. Unfly can be used in combos like iron man, and it can be used to pressure and rushdown with sent.


Ok, so I get what unfly is, and that you can get into it by getting hit by certain attacks that knock you up, but allow you to do something before falling to the ground, correct? But what about on command, how can you get yourself into unfly mode w/o getting hit??


You can’t, really. There’s a sort of pseudo-Unfly Mode that flyers start out in, right at the beginning of a match. If you super jump right away, fly, and unfly, I believe it will allow you to attack or block on your way down. It gets lost easily, though. I believe doing it once loses it, doing any attack before you unfly loses it… Um, in other words, it’s basically useless unless you wanna bait an AHVB out of Cable right away to get him meter-less (a stupid Cable).

Otherwise, if you want Unfly Mode, you’re going to have to wait until you take a hit in the air… But it’s not like that’s hard. If you’re flying with Sent, and get hit by an anti-air (other than Psylocke), bam, you’re in Unfly Mode. If someone super jumps up and tags you once, bam, Unfly Mode. So many things put Sent into Unfly, that it’s not really an issue of getting into it, unless you’re against Cable.

Although I have experienced a flyer passing on his Unfly Mode to another flyer as he came in (i.e. Magneto gets un Unfly, and when Sentinel comes in, he’s already in Unfly Mode, without taking any hit). I do not understand this, though, and no one has been able to explain it to me. I tested it in training mode, but couldn’t get it to work at all. All I know is that it has happened to me many times, and I’m quite sure of it.


So, I’ll await Dasrik’s article…I remember his was -extremely- in depth.


Or the thread can just die. ARGH!


so how would u do the air infinte(fly,unfly) how would flight mode be good in iron mans case?


I assume you’re talking about Iron Man’s unfly mode infinite?

Launch, sj. lp, s. lk, [sj. U+fp, airdash up, sj. lk, sk. U+fp, fly, sj. lk, U+fp], UNFLY, repeat everything in the brackets.


Rough explanation:

Unfly mode is a state that puts you in normal jump mode after you deactivate flight. This means you can do a normal attack chain, or block, after unflying.

It’s activated by taking any hit that knocks you off your feet (but not on your back), OR taking a non-knockdown hit in the air.

You lose it when:

  • you regular jump
  • flying screen is activated
  • you do a move that has recoil recovery (Doom’s roundhouse, IM’s knee dive). There’s an exception to it (more later).
  • you unfly too many times (five or six times is the limit)

Any of these events takes you into the standard mode (the pseudo unfly mode everyone is talking about). As long as you don’t jump or do any normal attacks, you can unfly and attack/block in standard mode. Doing special or super moves is okay, but when you do a normal attack you lose it (this includes doing normal attacks after unfly).

Who can use unfly mode:

  • Sentinel

  • Iron Man

  • War Machine

  • Doom - Doom has a harder time using unfly mode because his air roundhouse comes out accidentally a lot. You can prevent it by cancelling his jump fierce into fly and unfly.

  • Magneto

  • Storm

  • Dhalsim

  • Bison

  • Morrigan *

  • Morrigan doesn’t have a fly move, but her stomp kick (air down+roundhouse) acts as a sort of fly move. If you have unfly on, you can block or do a normal attack after stomping.


I don’t get it.

What is there to explain? It’s all in the article.


The article didn’t mention that you lose unfly mode when doing a stomp, or after flying screen. It also didn’t have anything about the “standard” mode where some people think they have unfly mode at the beginning of the round.

I remember I actually found out WHY unfly mode worked, but I’m too tired to remember.


So that means that if Sent is in unfly mode and deactivates flight he can get guardbroken?

For some reason you can normal jump once(sometimes even twice) and retain all the unfly mode properties, at least with Sent, haven’t tried it with anyone else.


Doing a stump…what do you mean? Like fly, stomp(you lose unfly mode here?)…because Sent does not lose it there.

Neither after flying screen activates…

Maybe since my english sucks I’m not understanding what you are saying…


Yes, Sentinel can get guardbroken after unflying if he is in unfly mode.

And stomp = divekick type moves with recoil recovery.