MvC2: Using assists for spacing/"human shield" purposes

I just wanted to make a thread about this. It’s a fairly simple concept, but I don’t know how much it gets discussed…

At its simplest, you can call an assist to eat an attack & allow the point to retaliate (Marvel 101).

What really got me to thinking more about it though is how when you jump over your opponent & call an assist “in the back”, sometimes your assist will kind of push the opponent towards you and allow things to combo/connect that normally wouldn’t. For example, I can hop over with Hulk, call Jugg in the back, and if Jugg connects do j. lp, mk (land) c. lk, c. mk XX gamma charge XX whatever, and it will all get in if I get the c. lk; Jugg stands there with his taunt and pushes them into me, making it possible. Jugg ends up fairly safe, since the point is facing Hulk…

I guess I might notice it more since I use big beefy characters, but does anybody else use this concept much or have any thoughts on it?


Isn’t jumping behind your opponent so that your assist hit from behind one of the basic uses of an assist? Gotta learn that shit with Cable around. Getting assists to hit without being fried by AHVB is a must.

In any case, I do it too with Jugg with Sent at point. Call jugg, fly behind opponent so that Jugg hits from behind, that sort of thing.

Yes, calling assists in the back to minimize punishment is a fairly basic concept. I’m speaking more about using the assist sprite to physically prevent the opponent from getting knocked back, yielding offensive opportunities that wouldn’t exist otherwise.

And yes, it’s considerably easier to call assists in the back with flight characters.

Thanks for the response. Evidently this concept isn’t something people use much &/or care to discuss…

Oh well, I tried. :slight_smile:


Hmm the other day I was using Cable with psylocke assist fighting Dr. Doom. Doom threw out his electric cage super and I threw out psylocke. The super hit Psylocke and she was used as a sheild, while cable was standing behind her idling. So I just AHVB Doom hehe.

Well, if your opponent was dumb enough to use the cage super he deserves an AHVB up the ass…

Another good example of using an assist to push an opponent into a combo is the strider/doom trap.

Cyclops’ MOB falls prey to the human shield tactic; if you can anticipate MOB, call out assist to eat the beam and AHVB/Proton Cannon/Hailstorm Cykes out of MOB. Just hope that he doesn’t DHC, though. Cyke’s MOB is pretty weird, since it has some obstruction properties to it. I’m thinking IronMan Proton Cannon might suffer from the same thing as MOB, cuz whenever an assist and point is caught in a Proton Cannon, the assist tends to flip out of it and retreat while the point is getting blasted. But then, both assist and point can get blasted if they’re close together…

Any other weird/unusual observations?

i htink the best shit is when your helper getts hit with a proton cannon… if your in the back you can still move in the beem and do just about anything…

Thanks for all the responses. Yeah, I suppose S/D is the classic example of this concept (x100), but does anybody use this with any other characters?

Maybe some people will kick this around a bit and report back to the thread with their findings. At least I hope so…


What about using assist to lure your opponent’s assists? Has anyone thoroughly tested this? Like drop Psylocke behind your opponent and their Cammy goes for Psy instead and leaves your Mags free to rushdown. Sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn’t. If its common knowledge, can someone here please enlighten me?

I remember back in the day I used Ryu/CapAm(Dash), Went through everything, if you hit, bam super… actually lemme go try CAble/CapAm lol

It’s a lot LOT easier to jump out of HSFs when your assist is getting nailed…but failure usually comes the price of Psylocke. :frowning:

Yeah, I use the human shield principle fairly regularly when fighting low tier. I can call Jugg or Hulk and set up something to land much cleaner than otherwise (for lack of a better word), or nail them when they take the bait.

Problem is, when fighting 3/4 of top tier (all but Magz), human shield tends to just get somebody killed. Magz can do it too, but at least you’ll have a decent crack at trying to save your assist…

Good Spiral/Sent blows it out of the water as well (if anybody’s still even using that).

Just the same, it has its uses.

I think maybe some of the reason I was thinking about the “in the back” thing is because Jugg is just so big and stays out there so long. Most assists leave the screen way quicker…

Who knows.


I use it frequently - well the wall idea. In fact when I first started playing as Strider I used it alot to make the ground chain and ourbous stuff tighter. Similar princple IMO with Doom…only the wall chips. I find using them behind the opponent only worx on large characters and slower characters, but fast people just get aroudn it. Fun one is Sabertoothe - not only does he stay on screen for a while, but the timing with the bullets allows for Fake traps where they think they escaped, and it allows for interesting combos.

Now that I think about it - Hulk would make a nice Wall…his dash assist is just like Juggernauts…I got to try that

Doom’s pretty much the choice for being the #1 human shield Sent comes in second…:stuck_out_tongue:

For spacing, Storm’s variety type assist is a pretty good spacing assisst IMO

Warning - never try a wall tactic against someone who has colosus or is playing as Silver Samurai - the results can be devastting 3AHVB…free hail storms…etc. lightning…need I say more

The “He-Man” super can be mashed for assist-killing, right? :evil:

Yep - mashed - and to make matters worse, the assist is normally a big character that is being used…so he absorbs massive amounts of hits…and even having the higher staminia doesn’t save them. Colossus will just knock them to the far side of the stage, and if well timed the assist can be hit with any of the assist killing strats…although I htink only three happen in high level of play Hailstorm, AHVB, SF

A good assist for the sprite effect is IM’s AAA. For some reason IM scrolls with the screen when your point character causes the screen to move. And he also has a big area of hit detection and starts slow. Works good with a fast air dash, but that’s pretty basic.

what about this…

i find the sentinel force video tactics to be very useful against magneto’s shockwaves…for example with Sentinel on point and commando AAA on assist…
Magneto does shockwave…then you call out commando and jump and do sentinels air super, it goes right through the waves and you can attack magneto…

what about this…

thank the elite krew for that… damn we good… oh yeah… and lets not 4get s.o.d he did a lil part too… :lol: well… the whole thing… but whatever…