MvC2: Using assists for spacing/"human shield" purposes

the “shield” tech is awsome. i use capcom to get rid of those pesky rocks, actually most assists will buy you enough time to jump out of them. i use tron on piont first a lot and shes small so sent can almost completly render her invulnerable bc of the massive difference in size, it helps a lot to get rid of trijumping mags. also i like to use capcom to go through a shockwave or any single hit/non-penetrating or advancing super ex: kba, headcrush, pc, mob so on. also i almost rely on him with fighting a cable because he’l drop most of the proj assists cable throws your way. and on the other side of the spectrum: he stops most things comming cables way just as well, like knives and smart bombs. i can say how many times he has gotten me out of traps and such leaving storm to ail, sent to hsf and allowing cable to do his thing. just watch his damage cause he’ll end up dead and your opponent will be happy.

Mecha Zangief = Perfect Shield

I guess Sentinel’s a pretty shield too:)

As a good shield I use Colossus considering he eats doom rocks and sent force for breakfast and doesn’t take damage.

I also use that Juggs and Hulk tech that Juggrknott stated earlier.

ah yes such a nice charge collosus has. i experimented with his dash assist on training mode and he goes right through a una beam and a captain corridor. does anyone else out there know any good combos off of that dash beside just a super? oh and with storm or sent on point.

I’ve done some and seem some - but they aren’t real practical…because you have to be upclose, unless your magneto…the one I use with Ironman is the same as tronne bonne rollable depending on timing c short c medium assist hits super. But most of the combos invovling Colosus assit are based around OTGs because he knocks them way up. You can do some moves like BH Inferno. One strat I have seen with magneto is to chase the opponenet up off the screen and try to catch them with a fierce throw…which ends in death normally…

for the most part, if you call psylocke to “eat” an attack for you you will suaully end up hitting the opponent…this depends if your good at spacing your assists w/ magneto though.