MVC2: Using Cable by FluffyXXL (repost)

MVC2: Using Cable (repost)

** After reading havoc’s vault thread, it seems like a good idea, and a good way to start off the forum. ok let me say say this again, this is a repost! . THIS WAS WRITTEN BY FluffyXXL **

First off, this depends a lot on the team you’re using and the set-up. I would always recommend using him on Anti-Air Assist as it allows you to counter to AHVB. If he’s second or third in the rotation, this is usually your plan. If you’re playing him first, you’ll want to try to keep him alive to give you that option later. This can become a life-saver later when you’re fighting that mid-game Sentinel/Commando.

-Cable is a very good air throw. You can use this to beat crappy rushdown characters when you don’t have a reliable anti-air assist. Learning to wavedash to the proper position and SJ to throw people at SJ height is also key, especially in Cable v Cable fights.

-S.Fierce x4 is very instrumental in most fights. If you’re trying a pseudo trap with S.Fierce x4, you have options. If you have a projectile assist (Storm, Spiral, or Sentinel Ground are common), you can work pseudo traps with S.Fierce x4, grenades, projectile assist and jab-viper beams. If it hits, you have more options. You can cancel into a Jab-Psimitar and AHVB from that. Also, with some characters, you can cancel into a tag right after the last Fierce fires off and combo into the tag safely. IIRC, you can do with Sentinel, but I can’t remember anyone else off of the top of my head. This is extremely difficult to do.
Ex. With Cable/Sentinel, you can start a trap off of a lot of things like a throw, AHVB, J.Fierce, etc. Then, you can S.Fierce x1-4, call your projectile assist, and throw a short grenade to hopefully pin your opponent down. The short grenade should allow you to get off another S.Fierce again, unless you opponent calls an assist to eat the S.Fierce and jump away. Sometimes, if you do the trap wrong, your opponent can tag into another character and hit you out, so you better use it sparingly and be careful. If you spot it, you can cancel to Jab-Psimitar and if you time it right, you can trade with the tag.

-If you are going to do a regular viper beam, always use Jab. Especially when jumping/sjing, you don’t want to be stuck floating in the air if you guess wrong or miss. Jab usually does a good enough job doing whatever you are trying to do, and it’s less likely to get you killed.

-The fastest way for Cable to build meter in a pinch is OC.Fierce. When characters are running away from him, he can get a few off to build a bit of meter for himself. Also, you can learn the timing to do a few right before you go to guard break someone. That and the J.Fierce can get you that extra meter needed to get an extra AHVB off.

-Grenades can be useful in a lot of situations. Learn to hold and release grenades at specific times and for specific situations. You can use them to cut off particular parts of the screen to your opponent. Cable owns the majority of scrubby rushdown (=no air dash, ie. Wolverine) because you can grenade and release it directly above your head so that rushdown can’t jump at you. Combine that with S.Fierce x4 and projectile assists, and there is really no way for scrubby rushdown to get in on him. Not tremendously instrumental against top tier, but it has its uses.

-When you see the term ‘run away’, it means exactly what it implies. You should be running. You should be mobile. ‘Run away’ means you should be jumping backward, SJing, or anything else like wavedashing and dodging that would not force you to stop your movement. Running away is blocking Magneto triagle jumps over and over again. Your goal in running away is to not get hit and hopefully trick your opponent into your assists so you can start traps, start patterns, etc.

-When you see the term ‘set-ups’, it is referring to a repetitive pattern you get your opponent used to seeing that will lead him into whatever plan you have. If you do the same thing three times in a row, your opponent will begin to think you will do that all of the time, and will go for something again. You are setting him up to do it again, and he dashes into something like C.Short and you AHVB. That’s what a set-up means. You have to be careful at highers level of play because better plays adapt faster, so a better player may only need to see something once to think you’ll do it again. However, if you guess wrong, you can get set up. This is referred to as ‘getting worked’. Half of the game of MVC2 is this mental mind game. Some the time, you’re trying to get your opponent to do what you want him to do. The rest of the time, he’s doing the same to you. There are also different types of set-ups. You can set you opponent up to dash at you. You can set him up to jump at you. You can set them up to SJ at you. You can set him up to air dash at you, at varying heights. You can set up your opponent to turtle. You can set him up to run away. You can set him up to trap. There are probably more, but I can’t remember more set-ups off of the top of my head.
Ex. Wolverine dashes at you on the ground. In response, you call your AAA and jump backward a bunch of times. He blocks this pattern a few times and decides that he can wavedash under your assist and try to hit you safely. So, instead, you jump back once, and as he dashes, you stick out a C.short and combo into AHVB. Once again, better players will learn this after seeing this once, or maybe twice. Worse players won’t learn and will call you cheap after you beat them. Don’t worry, just tell them they ‘got worked’.

Individual Match-ups:

Vs. Sentinel

This is probably the most common and at times difficult match-up. Most of the time, this occurs mid-game; it’s your XXX/Cable/AAA against XXX/Sentinel/Commando. In this situation, both of you usually have a decent amount of meter. Cable would be at an advantage in a ground war, seeing as how S.Fierce x4 and the threat of AHVB kills Sentinel if he ever tries to C.Fierce, short-drones, or fierce-rocket punch. All of Sentinel’s good ground tools are pretty much neutralized by AHVB. Sentinel has to use his flying and stomping, and Cable has to prevent that.

There are a lot of things going on in this match-up. For instance, depending on your AAA, you will do things differently and have an easier/harder time of things. Two of the easiest AAAs to use against Sentinel/Commando are Commando and Cammy. Commando cuts off one of the most vulnerable spots for Cable, which is just inside his Jab-Psimitar range. You can’t really prevent Sentinel from getting his Unfly mode going, as just about everything you throw at him allows him to recover in the air. Sentinel with Unfly mode can be a real pain for Cable, especially if he gets by your AAA. In an air war, Sentinel has a slight advantage because his flight activation and recovery are so fast, and it’s hard to get a multiple AHVB on him when he’s that high off the ground. All of that said, the core of your strategy is going to boil down to one of two choices: you’re going to focus on Sentinel and spend the ungodly amounts of meter necessary to kill him or you’re going to focus on his helper and fry it with AHVBs.

IMO, the latter is a bit easier, as you can pretty much erase a character with 3 levels if you can uncombo AHVBs well and it also means the rest of the fight is going to be Sentinel with no AAA, which is much easier to handle. Either way, you pretty much have to try to keep Sentinel on the ground to do either strategy. If you’re going to focus on Sentinel, you’ll want to work a lot of S.Fierce traps, and to do so requires you do keep him at full screen and on the ground. Getting him there is the hard part. Keeping him there is easy.

If you’re going to focus on the assist, you need Sentinel to be on the ground and blocking your AHVB so he can’t hit you out of it. Getting Sentinel grounded involves a lot of SJing on your part. You have to work a good mix of making Sentinel SJ and you SJing at the same time. If you SJ and he does, SJ.Fierce and jab viper beam are good tools for you. If he doesn’t jump, you can fall and SJ.Fierce again close to the ground and possibly hit Sent out of flight or you can to attempt a grenade. Which grenade depends on what you think your opponent is likely to do. If he’s likely to wave dash or activate flight on the ground, throw a Short grenade. Chances are, it will probably be avoided but if Sentinel hesitates, it’s there. If he is going to SJ after to activate flying, throw the roundhouse grenade and explode it where Sentinel would be going. BTW, you can also just do nothing

If Sentinel avoided all of this, chances are he’s flying and he’s got the advantage at the moment if he puts himself in the correct position. You’re going to have to use your AAA and Jab-Psimitars to get him down. If he takes position above you, he can stomp you with roundhouse and your Psimitars will miss. Also, if you call Commando and he scouts it, he can just fly over your head and dodge commando. If Sentinel hesitates, you can SJ.Jab and knock him out of flying, but if you try to SJ, you might also endanger getting hit by his Commando. This is one of those situations that determine who is the better player. If you can bait Sentinel into calling his assist at the wrong time, you can hit his assist with yours, nullifying that element. That will free you up to knock him down if your assist didn’t hit him. At this point, he has to keep you down using his unfly games.

You can use a lot of methods to get him down, and some depend on what he’s doing to keep you down. If he comes down and stays on the ground, you can pushblock him off and attempt to regain control with Jab-Psimitar (if he flys again) and S.Fierce X4 (at this point, he can HSF, to which you can Jab-Psimitar XX AHVB). You could also attempt to block everything, which could open you up for overheads and pushblock him off and call your assist when you can. You can also try to SJ and hit him down in between the holes and throw a grenade if you do.

Vs. Magneto
Cable is at a pretty big disadvantage in this match-up. Magneto is the best rushdown character in the game and Cable’s biggest weakness is against rushdown. The majority of the time, you’ll have this fight starting, so it will be Cable/XXX/AAA vs Magneto/XXX/AAA. The most common AAA for Magneto are Psylocke and Cammy. The best AAAs for this situation with Cable are Psylocke, Cyclops, and Commando. Psylocke can really help you in close and helps set up AHVBs. Cyclops can also set up AHVBs. Commando cuts of the portion of the screen directly in front of you and allows you a small amount of time to run away and as a side effect provides an adequate speedbump on the ground. The thing about Magneto is that his air dash is so fast and goes so far that he can still dodge practically any AAA you throw at him.

With that in mind, your basic strategy is to not allow Magneto to hit you. That seems rather obvious for any match, but this one is much worse. One triangle jump, one C.short, one launch, result in anywhere between 60-100% damage, but mostly around 60%. It takes him landing two good hits on the ground to kill you. It’s close to the same for you, one helper = one AHVB attempt= 60-100%. However, it’s much easier for Magneto to land those hits, and keep landing them, than it is for you to land two hits.

This match involves you doing a lot of jumping. If you stay on the ground, you risk him getting to you and landing that hit. At least if you’re jumping back, the most he can really do is air throw you. He can’t follow it up to closely becaues he’ll run into your AAA. If you can establish full screen on him, S.Fierce x4 traps immediately. His only way around it is either jumping and air dashing (counter with Jab-Psimitar and continue pseudo-trap), SJing and air dashing (cancel to Jab-Psimitar if you see it early and run away some more, or just wait for recovery on S.Fierce and run away some more) or he can just wait it out and block until there’s a hole and then jump/SJ and air dash while you’re helper is on the screen. If he waits on you, don’t go for another rotation of S.Fierce on him. Instead, jump back and see if he follows.

Once you get a feel for his basic attack pattern and you’ve shown him one of your own, you need to change up a bit. He’ll expect one thing, and you know what he’ll do, so try to counter it. Hopefully, you can force him to stay on the ground and run into your AAA so you can AHVB. Even Commando can set up AHVB if you think it’s going to hit and even if it doesn’t hit, it still pushes Magneto away and leaves you pretty far apart. You have to be careful to have some meter though. Don’t blow it all on frivolous attempts to hit AHVBs. And don’t worry about Magneto air throwing you because he’s usually too far away to follow up consistently unless you get too close to the corner. When you’re cornered, it’s kind of a mixed blessing. On one hand, he can’t go too far over your AAA and at the right distance he can’t avoid it. On the other hand, if he’s too close to you or is patient and your AAA misses, you’re stick in the corner with Mags all over you. The consequences outweigh the benefits so you need to try to avoid corners. If you feel like you’re getting too close to the corner, jump forward to try to get over him (yes, forward does exist in this match-up) and run the other way.


Vs. Storm
This is another bad match-up for Cable. Storm has too many ways to mess up Cable and it’s way to hard to land a decent AAA on her.

This match-up works a lot like the Magneto match-up, except her rushdown is a lot easier to handle and more open to AAAs. The other option Storm has is to try to run away and build meter, or DHC in with a lead and run away. If you’re stupid and have no reflexes (or meter) she can attempt to use your stupidity to punish helpers with Typhoon XX Hail Storm. Again, the key is to run away and always move backward. If she has a lead and starts running away or tries running to build meter from the get go, you need to build your own meter. Mash on OC.Fierce. It doesn’t build meter as fast, but you won’t be too far behind.

When she’s coming down, if she tries to chip with verticle typhoons, you need to just dodge and build more meter. Once she starts falling within your SJ range, she can’t do another or you get a free AHVB. If you get caught up in one, it’s hard times for you. As she comes close to the ground, you want to try to be as far away as possible and chip her with VBs on her way down. When you get full meter, you can try unload an AHVB for chip. Don’t use all of your meters though. Save the rest in case something happens. Just use them one at a time so you always have at least 3-4. Anyway, as she goes up again, mash some OC.Fierce and be prepared to dodge typhoons.

Vs. Strider/Doom
A lot of people say this match is in Strider’s favor, but I don’t think so. There are a lot of factors, namely if Cable is first or second and if Strider is first or second. If both start, the advantage favors Cable. If one starts and the other doesn’t, it favors whoever is second and if they are both second, it favors Strider, if his point gets 4 meters.

There are two things you need to do in this match. First, don’t let yourself get put between Strider and Doom AAA. Constantly jumping back is usually enough for this. Pick one direction and keep going that way so that when Strider teleports, he never gets behind you. If not, you get to be the monkey in the middle and loose life. The best assists to have in this situation are ones with initial invincibility like Cyclops, Psylocke, Cammy, and Ken, whoever Commando still does an adequate job so long as you know the distancing you need to be at (or not be at) in order to call him. Other assists can be troublesome as well like Sentinel Ground and Storm Projectile.

In this match you’ll want to try to focus on Doom. Your first priority if you don’t already have it is to build meter. J.Fierce is always useful while jumping backward to avoid trappings. You’ll want to rip off J.Jab-Viper beams (Fierce-Viper Beam is Strider will have to block it) here and there too in order to hit Doom away. Once you get enough meter, fry Doom. Hopefully, you can DHC for the kill and have a healthier character against a castrated Strider. If not, keep running away and don’t worry about Ouro now because he can’t chip all that much without Doom AAA. If, at some time in the match, you get the opportunity to fry Strider, like if you scout out a teleport, go ahead and spend the meter frying him. It usually only takes 2 meters to kill him. If Doom comes in next, you’ll get the opportunity to guard break and if not, you still have a good grasp on the match.

Vs. Doom
IMO, this match should be highly in Cable’s favor so long as you stick to only doing Jab-Viper Beams. Doom’s main strategies are J.Fierce and SJ.Photons when he has no meter. When he does, it usually changes to rushdown. His rushdown can be stopped a lot easier than Magneto’s by AAAs. In the meantime, Cable has to be S.Fierce-ing to keep Doom pinned and has to predict Doom’s movement. Cable also can’t be tempted to unload on an assist because the match against Doom can be much easier with meter than without.

n an actual match-up, the core of Doom’s strategy against Cable is to make him SJ when he doesn’t. That way, Doom can pick which side of Cable he wants to be on when Cable lands and attempt to land a combo. The funny thing is, that’s exactly what Cable can do to Doom in the process if you play the match-up right. Once in a while you will need to SJ just to show Doom that you will. If you wait passively for a while and watch, you can see if Doom will air dash up before he photons. If he doesn’t, you basically have free reign to SJ and AHVB when he Photons. If not, then don’t try, but instead wave dash under his photons and be right under him. From there, you can do one of three things: stay in front of him, go behind him, or SJ and throw him. This works against the majority of characters that don’t have air dashes, or have already used them. It also doesn’t work too well on characters that have better air throws or a lot better priority than Cable. You need to have the timing/practice/ability to know how to air throw him as he falls, but you should have developed that by now. If you can make him attack while he is coming down, it will be easier for you to land something as he’s landing. Once you work him into a groove, then you’ll be able to land things fairly easily. However, keep in mind that you need to be controlling him, and not him controlling you. Don’t SJ too excessively because he can use the same SJing games on you too. Plus, he can air dash up and do Photon Array if you SJ too late and try for an AHVB.

Vs Spiral
This is probably the toughest fight for Cable. A very good Spiral can basically lock you down and you can’t respond with anything because knives stick you and your assists. Even if you can get an opening, if you use anything with lag, she’ll just teleport (which has instant activation) so once again, only use Jab-Viper Beams. The only times Spiral is open to attack is when she is summoning knives and when she is recoverying from a teleport.

You need to try to hit knives off of her before she can start her traps. Usually, you can rip of S.Fierces to keep her from landing from a SJ with knives or to try to pin her down when she has them. You helpers also provide decent walls when she’s throwing knives at full screen.

Once you establish control, you need to continue to pressure with S.Fierce, Jab-Psimitars, and grenades occasionally. Even if she SJs and gets knives, you need to be ready with that S.Fierce as she falls or be ready to punish a teleport. If she ever gets a good knife trap going, you need to be patient and wait for an opening. She will either try to stop you from escaping or try too keep you in the trap. You have to dictate what she’ll do. Keep in mind, if you get trapped, you will take a lot chip before you get out. Against better Spiral’s, it will be more.

Vs Cyclops
This match is in Cable’s favor for one reason; he can AHVB. The vast majority of Cyclops’ strategy is to build up meter and then chip you with it for a lot of damage each time. The only character that can punish this is Cable.

Other than that, let Cyke build up his meter and try to build yours with OC.Fierce. You won’t build as fast, but it’s better than SJing and getting outprioritized by SJ.Roundhouse. As he comes down, try to make him fall on your AAA or Projectile assist and attempt to chip a bit. There’s not too much else you need to do. AHVB limits the options Cyke has against you. Even without meter, Cyke can’t do things like C.Fierce bullets because you can just do a J.Viper Beam and beat him out of it. Just be careful when he gets close in and don’t try to retaliate against his high priority jump-ins. Block and push him away. Remember, blocking is free. There is no block meter, so don’t try to counter.

Vs. Cable
This is by far, the gayest match-up in the game. It’s also one I hate the most, because both of you should be trying to do the exact same thing and if both of you are good and wave dash well, nothing works.

The core of this match is not played on the ground. It’s all in the air. There are two safe things for Cable to do against another Cable: SJ and throw grenades and SJ and air throw when the other Cable is coming down from throwing grenades. You don’t want to play on the ground much because you risk slipping up. If you feel comfortable being the aggressor, then by all means, play on the ground and try to land a C.short. Just be careful you don’t get hit by one and then die. As I was saying before, one of the safest things to do is SJ and throw grenades. Usually, you want to throw a Short grenade and you want the opposing Cable to block it. However, the only time you get that option is usually after a throw or when you opponent does something stupid. If you’re on the recieving end and Cable starts to throw a grenade from SJ height, by all means, start wave dashing. You don’t want to block it. If you wave dash, you can get under him and work the same types of patterns you did against Doom when he comes down from his SJ. Depending on the assists in the situation, you can use S.Fierce x4 traps on Cable, but you risk getting you and your assist AHVBed at the very beginning. Just don’t get greedy and try for a lot. The other thing you need to be doing is air throwing a lot. By now, you have to be able to SJ and snag people out of the air with air throws. More specifically, you have to be able to wave dash into position, SJ, and air throw people. If you do, this match becomes very easy. If not, you better be able to land C.shorts on the ground while not running into assists. Just keep your opponent guessing and don’t do the same things a lot. When you start going through the motions and stop thinking, you get hit by AHVB.

If you get a good shot at a helper, by all means, fry it. Just make sure your opposing Cable is blocking. There’s not much the opposing Cable can do if he leaves his Cyke assist hanging for example. If he SJs, you get another opportunity to hit him on the way down. Just be wary of SJ.Roundhouse because it has really wierd cross-up proporties.

I was bored at work and decided to put this on paper finally. I hope people can learn from this, and if you can’t, then you just wasted a lot of time reading it. Ha ha.

** end of repost **
sorry for the whole mess of replys, but the new character limit is less that before

MvC2 tactics for Cable

wit cabel ya needz ta rememba dat hez gotz da range wit hiz 4 X HP gun. Hiz gunz travel full screenz like Felicias super

Some comboz for da man cable are:

s.lp, s.lp, hp x 4 viperbeeem, Huyp[er viperbeem

Therez diz thing called a AHVB X2 dat if yuz super jump and do da hpverbeem you can connect wit fallin opponents and before after gaurd crush! You can do thiz up to 3 times and dats why Cable is da assist killla!11

Some goodz teemz wit cable are


Remember to use beemz den DHC into anoter beem.

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MvC2 tactics for Cable

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MvC2 tactics for Cable

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MvC2 tactics for Cable


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MvC2 tactics for Cable

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