mvC2 Va Tourney

VirginiA Tourney results:

1- MaximusOwn’d (Storm/Cable/Capcom)(Cable/Sent/Blackheart)
2- Victor (Storm/Sent/Cammy)(Cable/Sent/Cammy)
3- Redrover (MSP)(Storm/Cable/Cyc)
4- Shamy (Santhrax)
5- Shawnloganwonzu (RowTron)

…Dont care bout rest right now… time to get drunk!!!.. Ill post up details/rest of brackets tomorrow if im capable…

Goood Shit ppl!!! Sova represent! Props to all who placed!!!

-Jinmaster :cool:

Isaac posting at toms:

Good shit to all, especially my sova <3’s. Woulda came, but toms cabinet is too powerful. GG

GJ everyone…especially the <3’s…guys came a long way from being “SOVA scrubs”…cept me of course:D

Props to the whole SoVA crew for making the tourny at my house a success. SHout out to Sprack who has once again proved why he deserves the <3 ALso big props to victor and redrover havn’t seen u in forever victor but ur still holdin the skills down and redrover has stepped up his game exponetially. Magnes still owns eryone in shit talkin and thanks for bringin a dc, and thanks to chris for supllying the tv

Full results of VA tourney!..

  1. Maximus Own’d (Cable/Sent/Blackheart…Storm/cable/Capcom)
  2. Victor (Storm/Sent/Cammy)
  3. Redrover (Redrum)… (Storm/Cable/Cyc)
  4. Shamy (Santhrax)
  5. ShawnLoganOwnzu (RowTron)
  6. Manuel (MSP)
  7. Magnus Abused (Mag/Sent/Capcom)
  8. Foomy
  9. Ludamee(Strider/Doom)
  10. GammaDynamite (BFL)
  11. Jon Pizzle (Cable/Doom
  12. N1ck2k3 (Cable/Sent/IM)

Tourney was comprised on only VA players… hence the small turnout. 5 from NOVA, 7 from NOVA… SOVA claiming 1, 3, and 5spots… Nova claiming 2, 4, and 5spots…

Some highlights/details/disappointments…

MaximusOwn’d being knocked into the losers in the first round by Shamy, only to get his revenge in the Loser’s semi’s later on…

Disappointing performance by Strider/Doom Mike(Ludamee). Won 1st match no problem. Then lost 2 straight to Shawnloganownz u and Teh MagnusAbused.

“King of SOVA” is dethroned convincingly in 2 straight sets after jsut 1 win in the winner’s bracket. Later, the former “King” chose to retire from Marvel to take up a life of CS. (I guess some people were wrong…:wink: )

Winner’s Final’s… Victor vs. Redrover Victor won 3-1.
Loser’s Finals… Maximusown’d Vs. Redrover Max wins 3-1.
Aweful performances by me in both sets. Good job to u guys for taking me out though…

In the Grand Finals, Victor and MaximusOwn’d both played a very good defensive game. however, it took to long for Victor to catch on to Chris’ tactics with Cable/Sent/Blackheart, thus winning 3 straight in the first set. Victor swapped up teams a little, won 2 matches to bring it to 3-2, but chris finished off 1st set at that with a 4-2 peformance.

In the 2nd set, Victor was more on top of things, starting it off 2-1 over Chris, using Storm/Cable/cammy. Chris got rid of blackheart for the rest of the set and picked up CapCom for a little more strength on the team. Cable/Storm/Capcom held its own, runningit up to 3-3. Final Match, VERY VERY CLOSE GAME. Victr started out on top, with sprack making minor mistakes. Nearly thinking the money was in th bag for Victor, Chris pulled some amazing stuff off with his Cable to come back and win the game/set/match, 4-3.

Kudos to all competitors, win or lose. And a special congrats to Chris, proving who the real King of Sova is. Coming backf rom a first round knock down to Grand Champ… <3

Good to see you guys… sham/bill/vic/everyone who came out. We’ll definitely be making trips up north to the cabby for u guys.

Was a pretty cool tourney…good to see the richmond heads come out and suprising to see the northern va crew come. Just a shout out to my boys Jermaine and Brandon who were there cheerin me on the whole tournament.

And to all you mother FUCKERS that said I suck FUCK YOU alright? :smiley:

Vertical typhoon…lol…sure guy…

Spra…hot sauce…good shit…but I will tell you that I’m a lot better on a cabinet…so the games in RIC will be much better…none of that sloppy bullshit…but congradulations…you beat me…so you’re now famous, and the new “King of Sova”…hopefully you will realize there are greener pastures just up I-64 and throw that title out the window of your car just like I did…lol…

You all know you’re cool w/me…but you’re still sova scrubs to me…<3…am I allowed to use this?

Only if you can out drink Sprack…doing triple shots.

Impossible. :smiley:

All are lucky that I don’t play console so so lucky. There must be a cabinet tourny and then you will see the beast which is me. As for sham he sucks I don’t know how he didn’t come out the winner, sham is longer apart of richmond. But anyways the kings of sova need to come to ric to get served by the real king…and to all beware of my mss. Ask issac he knows about.

OMG, i hate when i work somewhere with 56k =.

GG Sir <3. Richmond should fix their cabinet, and have a tournament.

yes richmond should have tourny and sham should put in money for fixin the cab not just me. Yes issac we need to get back up and rape everyone, we could switch off with msp. Ill see what we can do about a tourny in ric, gotta talk to sham and get the cabinet fixed. But until then peace. And one more thing if there is a tourny u must bring the md scrubs and make sure pete is there I love beatin his ass. Just to make it clear pete has never beatin me. Thank you

Yo, whats your celly? I got your old number, it musta been turned off. PM me with it. I’ll get MD to come, i mean last time RIC had one, it was like 15-16, and that wasnt with all of sova. We could easily get like 25-30 people, and switch off with msp :smiley: .

O yea, if you need like 20-25 for the cabinet, i’ll spot you it. It’s in the family.

ill be one of the md scrubs that come. :smiley:

you THAT eager to get beasted by SOVA???

See issac its not about the money its about sham. The cabinet is half his and he puts up no money. We played last night cabby was ok right side was fuckin up a little but Ill see what bill can do. The family is strong and you have been mvoed up to vice president of the family sham has lost his spot.Ill pm my cell #

Shiet…When it comes to the family…I am the fucking general…and yes…cabinet will be fine very soon…b/c we didnt have to many issues on it yesterday…way better than the stick that I played on in NN…Isaac…I think Sprack and Jermaine are gonna come up on Friday…bring your ass down here too…

i will fucking own everyone in mvc2. just come to my area so we can settle this shit, or host a tournament. im up for it; are you ready bitches? :evil:

Sure kid…bring your ass down here, and give that avy back to it’s rightful owners… SOVA will rape you …badly. If there’s anything left…the Richmond guys can eat too.