mvC2 Va Tourney

shut the fuck up bitch, we will see who owns who, just tell me when/where and i will be there, unless u are a SCARED BITCH!@!!!:evil:


tell him that shit again

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look kid…this is Sham posting…

Friday…Richmond…first to 10…$100 hows that sound…here’s the best part of the deal…you can choose who you want to bet…You can play Me/Omar/Dave I will back the bet no matter who you choose…fucking scrub…get the fuck outta here w/your fake ass avatar…and we all know its fake…b/c some of us here are cool w/the Empire members…you are not running shit in MD…Isaac is…work on MD first…then try to step to VA…


:wtf: …


it’s normally working before the tournament, but afterwards it’s always fucked up. PLEASE only come if you actually play mvc2, and arent some wild child on the cabinet fucking shit up…or a tekken player. (Jin Master)

When the stick and buttons is in the hands of MaximusOwn’d, OWNED TV is up and running.

YES AHAHAHAH…yo make another “OWNED TV” picture man. I need a new avatar.

Me and pete gonna be in va this weekend, ima try and talk to sova to see if they wanna make a trip to richmond. Omar, ima call you up when i get off work.

Hey a big apology to everyone that Magneto talked trash to. It appears that it was my friend all along over my house. We were playing games and he told me that he wanted to look something up online so I said ok but I didnt go with him. This is stupid because I did not even know it was him posting. Anyhow don’t take that stuff personally because he is not going to post again…well not at my house.:smiley: He does not even play fighting games so he is full of bs. Sorry for this shit; its the last time I let someone in my house without supervision. :smiley:

This is something we all suspected. Do us all a favor and put him out of his misery…with a shovel


Re: Re: mvC2 Va Tourney

You got it! Shrinkit to av size!

EDIT: Btw…


okay? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


lol i will if he ever talks shit again:D hey man, i am trying to play new people in mvc2…gonna have a tourney or anything soon?:smiley:

Hey where are places to play in Virginia. Im leaving tomorrow for hampton, va to visit someone. Im pretty good at mvc2 and cvs2. Let me know where the comp is or if any tournaments coming up within the next 1-2 weeks. Any good arcades or places near hampton?

In Hampton… I dont know of any arcades that you’ll find regular comp. We all play just a few miles outside of Hampton at a friends house usually. post up on the VA forums and see what’s up…

hit me up on aim…chrisspra

MaximusOwned > SupraJin???

Oh man I didn’t know that. I didn’t realize who I was making own3d tv avs for until the face came to mind.


Famicom = Aerial Assault

ANTOINE…man i thought you knew it was me.


Damn, good job for placing 1st. I always thought that Victor guy was really really tough. Maybe if I can play on y’all’s level I’ll be able to kick anyone’s ass at MvC2 (not bragging but just saying…)

I guess the East end of VA is coming back this time stronger than the way I remembered when Syberninja, HVS, and Nimh used to play. I’m not even sure if Richmond quit playing because I think I’ve been hearing some issues about Omar and Sham’s Marvel cab.