MvC2 - Variable Atmosphere 2. My final MvC2 project


Magnetro | Variable Atmosphere 2

This is my final project. There is a video with the combos and situations, as well as 2 videos that explain every clip. The explanation videos are narrated by onReload.

All of the clips were programmed, captured and edited by Magnetro. No credit for manual execution should be given as these clips were achieved by using 2 programmable controllers. The ideas behind the clips are the centerpiece behind the video.


I hereby stand to proclaim this as a masterpiece. Just simply amazing… And my name is on it too!


cant wait to download this, the first one is incredible. you seriously fucking rule



shit is nasty

the speed up wolvie section and the morrigan parts were funky!!!

I wish I could do that doom glitch with SJ RH arggggggg.


Amazing work as usual Magnetro, I’m gonna make a hot pocket and then watch this again for the third time.


Best marvel video.



Absolutely ridiculous. I am freaking out at the explanation videos. I sure hope you are a tester for mvc3.


Good as expected.


he’d end up re-coding the damn thing :x




Nothing short of amazing.


Wish the rep system was back so I could +rep you. Seriously, you’ve always been a staple here on SRK and Marvel, this was a superb endnote. :tup:


Great work, always a pleasure seeing your videos.


Most fun I’ve had watching a combo video in quite a while, great work.


possibly the best thing that could happen to the game


fuck you magnetro you aint stopping im gonna kidnap you and tie you in my basement for my marvel needs!!! gets sledgehammer

on a serious note thank you for everything magnetro, all the marvel vids, and discussions you provided us. you will be missed you were on hell of a contributor to the marvel community!!!

vid was dope as always!!


Amazing work, Magnetro. This is indeed a masterpiece.


Every time someone says “Hi how are you, Magnetro?” you should answer with “Godlike.”


That last combo was ridiculous. You actually sat there and performed that? Insane.


Awesome vid. Stands up even alongside Joo’s dvd imo, top notch work.