MvC2 Version? Dreamcast

Just wondering which is the best version and which version is used at Evo?


I tried searching but the search doesnt seem to be working…Thanx

The Dreamcast port is the best, as the original arcade version ran on the Naomi board, which is almost identical to the DC. Ps2 and X-Box ports are worse, their fine for casual gamers, but not for anybody who plays it at a competitive level.

Ps2 tends to get the nod for all games seeing as most people have Ps2 sticks, or custom sticks with Ps2 pcb’s, but the Ps2 port of MVC2 is so different from the arcade that I doubt they will use the Ps2 port for Evo.

Then again, I dont play Marvel, so what would I know :rolleyes:




in that order

Ah ok thanx

What are the differences between the 3 versions?

basically the ps2 version patched alot of infinets, as did the x-box version. Both x-box and ps2 are missing soudns.

DC is as close to an arcade perfect port as u can get.

Isn’t patching infinites a good thing though? I don’t know about missing sounds on the other hand. >_>

You’d assume so :rolleyes: but there are more differences than just that, right?
but yeah the missing sounds are a bummer.

Slightly off topic (but related), was there any reason besides the fact that Roll Cancelling isn’t in the XBox (and GC) version of CVS2 that people rejected it? Personally, I liked the removal of roll cancelling(it was a glitch afterall) and the addition of super cancels for P-groove.

It seems people are really purists for the arcade versions (or the next closest version) of games, even if they are glitchy/buggy or not beta tested well at all.

whether a glitch or not, something like roll cancel was not banned, and it is utilised at the high levels of the game. when a console port comes out WITHOUT roll cancel and with the addition of P-groove cancels, sure maybe its a good game, but its not the same game that people took to high levels of play. that’s the reason

It’s because people learn to play the game using anything in the game to win. Glitches, infinites, anything is game. So people got good, and certain tactics and gameplans revolved around these “Broken” elements.

When the console version changes this, by “patching the game”, the game changes too much at the highest level at play to be fair. In the case of Roll Cancelling, taking it away just makes K groove that much better. Giving P groove a guaranteed way of landing a level 3 super off of any special move makes it way broken as compared to the other grooves (i.e. Eagle hit confirming his level 3 super off his rush move, people with the reflexes of a slug can still do it). If they had been designed this way from the beginning, it wouldn’t matter. But you can’t change a game later on, unless you label it a new version (i.e. Tekken 5.1, DR, GG Slash, VF4:Evo, DoA4 patch). Capcom labeled these games as “EO,” and they are clearly a much different game.

In the Case of MvC2, they didn’t just fix glitches. They actually put more (read: bad) ones in. In the case of alpha tagging, you used to tag in your teamate and hop out instantly. In the PS2/Xbox versions, there is a glitch where sometimes you will tag out, and then both people will be stuck in getting hit. Not cool.

Does the XBOX version have some of the slowdowns in the PS2 version like the intro of the second fight with abyss where all the blocks collapse?

On the PS2, that intro slowed down like hell and the sound effect was all messed up.

no, the ps2 version is the xbox version, with crappy sound and slowdown…

Also the X-Box fixed the Juggernaut power-up bug. The PS2 fixed some of the bugs that involved snapout…creating MORE bugs in the game. lol

I thought there was more the MvC2 than just the removal of infinites, but I wasn’t sure (since I don’t really play the game).

I do want to go back to CvS2 for a second, though. Generally when a new version of a game comes out, it becomes the adopted tourney standard. Tekken, Guilty Gear, VF, even DOA all follow this. Why then was CvS2 EO rejected? All updates to games change properties of moves, remove glitches, tweek character balance, etc. People complain everytime a new version of a game comes out for one reason or another: so-and-so move was nerfed, top tier was drastically weakened, etc. People still played.

I just really want to know if it all boiled down to the removal of RC or is it because it was an update to an arcade game that never received an arcade release.

it’s just cause of RC… lol

the majority of these had ARCADE releases

That should be more or less it.

Mostly because it has RC removed, which pretty much balanced CvS2 unintentially. Plus, as Ekin said, most of those had arcade releases, and EO didn’t. Since this is an arcade centered community (or was when CvS2 came out), people play the latest arcade version.

About the “patching” of some infinites…was the Magneto infinite patched or does it just have a new timing to it?
I played the PS2 version and I could not get more than 10 hits off his ROM, but when I played back on my DC, it was flawless ROM’ing…so yeah, just wanted to ask.