MvC2 Vid Request Thread

Basically, you see the transcript for a combo or set-up posted by someone in either a general or character-specific thread somewhere in the MvC2 section of SRK (or maybe you have your own); you want to see what it looks like and possibly also want to see it done in-match. Post up with a link along with the request, and we’ll see what we can cook up. If it’s some hard or unfamiliar shit to me, then you will see what the training looks like that leads to eventually learning it. Bout’ it.

edit: Please feel free to include the bg music as well along w/ your request.

note: Until further notice, everything is done on pad.

I would like to see a yipes original combo with mags using storms assist. I have tried it over and over again in practice and i can’t get the timing. then i get distracted and start working on roming or hyper grav infiniting sentinel to death in the corner.

The combo is this: standard infinite setup
launch> HK> addf lk> lk> rom… then while he is roming he calls storm, jumps up and does two lk’s and a HK or FP that hist them into storms assist. i would like to see it and have an explanation of the timing please. :mad:,MSS).wmv

one of the many he does is at minute 2:30

Nice idea there Judge. I’m without a cam again though. D’oh.

:u: Thnx man. Yeah, I figured it would be pretty cool. If there aren’t any requests when I find myself not up to much, I may just go back and do some stuff that had a lot of ‘talk’ around it and/or questions from the threads. When your cam is back in action, are you thinking of jumping on this too? o_O Just curious as your post seems to have hinted at that. If so, sweet!

You want Magneto to set up and initiate his ROM after launch xx sj.hp/hk then, during ROM, hit them into Storm-a (projectile) and do whatever afterwards.

I don’t quite understand your post. What you are asking for has already been seen in vid as performed by Yipes in-match. Also, I vaguely remember someone asking about this same thing elsewhere and BeatsofDevil gave a good explanation of what is involved. If you need to see when the assist is called, that can easily be identified by watching the vid you linked (I’m out of town and not able to watch it now but I assume it shows what you speak of and it is not unfamiliar at all) if it is more specific than calling Storm-a as you NJ to connect xx xx j.hp/hk. If we’re not on the same page, please let me know. Thnx for posting RyanC.

someone pm’ed me the answer to my question already. I just have to work on the execution.

But just to be fair… it isn’t a nj because that wouldn’t get them high enough or waste enough time before storm’s extra slow assist came out. he does a SJ and then hits them into her assist after sj. lk>> sj. hk.

you are apparently supposed to hit the assist button immediately after the second lk coming down from the rom. I guess i just wanted to know exactly when you could call the assist before jumping up again for the rom. Thx for the reply judge

I believe you asked this same question and I answered it.

OBVIOUSLY, storm can only be called while magz is on the ground. that way you do that is, while doing rom, lk, addf lk, bit of delay (just a tad more than usual, just incase) lk+assist, land (assist button is let go), lk adf hk, flying screen into typhoon, rapeeeeee

the way this works is by the time you land, you will have let go of the assist button. in this game, negative edge counts towards activation. so letting go of the assist button calls storm out

you can also use this same method using other assists to do other types of things.

and actually, you can also do stuff with Normal Jumping after calling storm out

don’t think about letting the button go, that happens naturally, once you get the timing for it it’s that easy. letting go is just how it’s explained.

it sounds like you’re not too good at regular combos, so if you’re not that great at rom timing/roming in general, you may not be able to time this setup correctly

thats the explanation that i needed the first time beats. i could not get that timing down for anything. and i wasn’t aware of that particular assist call technique that you mentioned. I wasn’t trying to undercut your explanation. I simply forgot where that thread was and still needed more explanation.
as for my timing and roming. i can generally get to 30 hits every time i rom without messing up in practice. so i thought that it was good enough to begin learning resets and other nasty stuff. I mean… is that Yipes reset considered to be an easy reset or something? I don’t see anyone else doing that on youtube or on Preppy’s vids. Or is it a respect thing? Regardless… thx for the extra explanation. Now Judge’s thread can stay up a little longer. :woot:

nope, it’s pretty easy

people just don’t know how to get the assist call out during rom it seems and may deem it not necessary or are to proud to ask the people who know how to do it

:u: What he said. It’s a matter of timing and purpose. Most people don’t have the ‘this is what I am going to do to you when I get you here’ mentality that makes the dangerous players threatening (coupled with the execution of the same of course). Others just have that with select characters.

1st vid of the thread:

Magneto resets off of Storm-a (projectile) from ROM-incorporated combos involving normal & super jump, KD & FS


marvel is a very fast chess game that you still have to be 3-4 steps ahead in. i don’t see how you can play without planning what you will do when you get that hit and thinking about what your opponent expects you to do and then surprising him. but yeah thx…

Well, it’s sorta like when you first start playing any sort of competitive game:

-you take small steps getting comfortable learning how to do things
-you just do, being free and doing what feels right to you
-you learn to not lose as fast
-you learn to win faster
-you learn common and basic techniques or strategies
-you learn more intricate techniques and strategies
-you learn to mask techniques and strategies
-you just do, being free and doing what is right to win w/ everything else being laced into your natural thought patterns

Not everyone’s plans of attack are as intricate as others and not everyone executes them as flawlessly. Most of this is simply b/c of play-time/experience, comfort zones, and/or simple choice.

On another note, Yipes doesn’t always use Storm-a for resets, but, from what I saw, also just as a tool to cause FSD.

I’ll post a transcript first (most of which I will probably just be quoting as it’s pretty popular) and then move from there later.

well… after 2 hours of finger blistering roming, addf’s, lk’s galore, realizing that the solo setup of the rom has a different height than the otg lk> RH XX version thereby forcing you to compensate with the initial timing of your lk’s, forcing my fingers to ignore the psy assist button and press storm right after the last delayed addf lk,…

I got the Yipes reset.:woot:

Sometimes i miss with the sj. lk after i call storm but i’m sure practice will work that out. thx beats and judge:china:

if you’re missing the, then that’s just the regular combo you need to work on. or you’re calling storm incorrectly.

it’s as simple as lk, addf lk lk+storm, land, lk adf.HK

keep at it. I suggest learning and practicing the simpler combos/resets first

well maybe you could suggest some. i asked in a few forums for some rom resets but no one really responded to me. not to clog up judge’s thread…(but no one else is posting on here right now)… i know:

-rom> land> dash under c. lk
-rom> land>

  • i know the jose garcia somewhat
    -rom in corner- 2 lk’s up> 1 lk down> land and grab
    -rom in corner- 1 lk up> dash down> jump and grab
    -rom in corner- 2 lk’s up> 2 lk’s down> dash under>nj up+call psy>dash backwards

any other basic, bread and butter ones i should learn?

i like:

rom, then sj. first two LK’s of rom as normal, then addf into 2 fast LKs, then sj up-forward LP, LK, addf Lk, LK, rom

basically you keep them hanging at a height where you couldn’t keep rom going, then you slide up and behind them, sj.LP crosses up / hits backwards.

i think i need a vid of that ECZ. i can’t seem to get behind cable… i’ll keep working on it tho.

or… Judge… maybe you could find a vid of this?

Oh, best believe I’m capturing everything mentioned thus far, but I will have to separate them as the Storm-a stuff and Mag Lone stuff (so 2 vids likely). Taking it step by step. Actually about to head out and get a session in with 2 guys in my area for a few.

take it easy guys

good lookin out judge. oh and here is some resets someone pm’ed me.


Rom - dash under (side change)- c.fp - 3x fierce

Rom - dash under (side change)- t.jump lk (land) lk c.FP -3x fierce

Rom - dash under (side change) - t.jump RH (side change) {land} c.FP - 3x fierce

Rom- (wall) (land) throw - rom

Rom- (wall) s.FP (sjc) AD/F throw - rom

Rom - (wall) sj. lp AD/f throw - rom

3x fierce - call storm, n.jump AD/DF fp (whiff to land) c.lkxxtempest

3x fierce - call storm, n.jump AD/DB RH (land) dash - rom

3x fierce - call storm,, (dash up) c.FP -3x fierce

-some of these are obvious but i’ll leave that up to you to decide to leave out or put in.

those resets are too “complete”

they don’t necessarily need to go to rom or 3/5 fierce.

think about the setups and the process behind them, then just vary them and combine/add onto them.

resets are just high/low/left/right/throw.

rom, dash under, nj up, addb+hk (hits side you dashed from)
rom,, addf+hp (whiff), sj. addf+hk (back to same side)
-you can also tj. straight down after whiff
-sj, ad+hp (double whiff) to low

(corner),, sj quickly addf+hp (whiff), nj, throw


rom, dash under, mk, land,,, sj adf+hp (whiff), nj+storm-A, hk throw, lands on typhoon+dash in launch

rom, typhoon setup,, sj add+lp, sj addf (crossover) hk

(corner)rom,, land, throw,,, addf, delay, throw, lk lk, land, hk (only 1 hit when op. high enough), they land then throw,, sj add lk mk, sj add lk mk, sj add lk mk, nj throw

rom, dash under, cr.hp+storm, sj lp…lk…hk, FS, they land in typhoon, addf lk mk, land,, addf, land, typhoon setup, sj addf+lp, land, mk, adf+hp, FS, call storm-A nj addf+hp nj addf+hp (double whiff), dash forward, sj addf hk (crossover),, addf (crossover), etc.

yes, I have reset into throw reset into throw reset If I could get some vids from my arcade I can show a lot of the resets I chain together

just combine 'em, build 'em up, and mixup up where you end up hitting during a setup. that what the ones I listed are essentially and pretty much any reset

Right, I’m not going to do every possible reset, but merely those that begin a new option tree for what Mag can do to you.