MvC2: vs. Cable/Sent/CapCom

Cable AAA / Sent Y / CapCom AAA

I have trouble fighting against this team. I win occasionally, but it’s not consistent with the characters I use…
Storm - Proj, Cable - AAA, CapCom - AAA, Doom - AAA, Magneto - Proj, BH - AAA, Strider - Variety, IM - AAA or Proj

Cable is a must… AHVB seems to be my savior (like always). But other than that, the battles are never consistent. I can kill the point character (Cable or Sent) with ease, but once he’s down, the second character backed with CapCom makes it hard for me rush down, forcing me to chip. I tend to have Cable. I try to punish the assist as much as possible so he reduces the usage of assists (mainly CapCom). And since the machine I play on has increase damaged, Sent does MAJOR damage with simple rocket punches.

He tends to play runaway, and with Sent he’ll usually SJ stomp/frying pan to keep me down. If he plays CapCom it’s no problem however. It’s just I can never get a chance to rush down and knock point character to CapCom.

Any pointers?

Try to snap in CapCom with Cable, guard break and kick the living shit out of him and don’t let him tag out. (I know it’s easier said than done but it’s worth a shot)

Yea… I try to every chance I get… but it’s so much easier said than done.

Trap that shit down with StriDoom!!! Doom counters CapCom AAA and Strider can lock Cable’s slow ass down but good. Sent is a harder fight but Strider can still take him down IMO…

Str-Doom I can do sometimes, but sometimes I can’t get it going. The instant I mess up… there goes 2 AHVB and 2 dead characters. With the damage so high on the machine I play on… I could kill them with easy infinites if I could keep them going if the buttons and joystick were better :frowning:

Oh yeah… you need good sticks for StriDoom… hm :frowning:

Storm/ Cable/ Commando?

Storm counters Cable, Cable counters Sent. And Commando… er… he’s just there as an assist… :stuck_out_tongue:

Mag/Doom fucks this team up.

just use storm cable commando like eek said and run away like a HO HO HO HO HO

of course you have to be an intelligent ho and stop hoing whenever you think capcom is coming out. counter assist with your own corridor and typhoon xx hailstorm or something. kinda risky with cable on point but i’m sure you can figure out a way to make cable block so your typhoon is unahvbable.

personal experience, cos i use sent cable capcom all the time wheeee too good.

the best team ive seen is cable/doom/bh, yes laugh all you want, but ive that is the best team ive seen fight it. you could actually start doom against cable or sent as long as they dont have a super L33T sent. i dont like storm or mag in there , strider has a TOUGH time against a sent who knows what hes doing. against cable its not so much of a problem since he has no aa to stop strider up close. however, sent with two AA’s at his disposal is a bitch.

or you could use cable, storm, cyke. cyke’s AAA beats out commando’s and cable/cyke gives sent a headache. if it comes down to your cable and his cable, play a basic cable game. you have a better AAA for this situation. just use him correctly and don’t be careless.

Strider/Doom/Solid anti air. Best anti air for this job is usually cyclops. But since you don’t use him, I’d recommend Commando. Sent is going to have a hard time stomping you down. If he manages to block commando, call orbs to cover him.

Thanks! Are you a Monkey Island fan too? :smiley:







heh… i actually i do use Cyke AAA… didn’t mention it though.

THe other thing is Sent’s Priority on Frying Pan and Stomping… who can out-prioritize him?

FTW!!! Cyke owns too badly

somtimes i use DoomSentCyke, easier for me to take down Team Santhrax


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